Happy Day!

My book is here at last! And it’s so beautiful! An author doesn’t have a lot to do with the cover, but I really do love what Deseret Book has done with it. It’s stunning—at least to me.
It’s so crazy/surreal to be holding a book with my name on it and my words in it. It’s been a very long, but exciting process. Deseret Book really has done a beautiful job with it and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Cory Maxwell and Jana Erickson specifically since they are the primary reason I’m holding this book in my hands today. I also really appreciate my editor, Leslie Stitt putting up with my obsessive/compulsive protectiveness of my characters. She really was very patient with me.
Happy Day!
This picture does not do my exuberance justice. My husband may need to leave the house for a few days until I calm down.
I suppose I should explain why I’m sitting at a piano with my book. First off, I love music. I really, really, really love music. I’ve been playing the piano longer than I can remember. I grew up in a musical family and married a musical man. I teach piano. I play piano. I write piano music. I love it.

I wish I owned the beautiful, baby, black grand piano I’m sitting at, but we are ‘baby-grand sitting’ it for some friends of ours who moved to China for a few years. While I still have and love the upright I inherited from my grandmother, there’s nothing in the world like playing on a grand piano. (Thanks again, Kathryn. You’re the best!)


But that’s not why I’m sitting at a piano in this picture–or at least, not directly. I wrote some of my love of music into Sadie. In fact, there is a beautiful, baby, black grand piano that is the focal point of one of my favorite scenes. I’ve thought about posting a playlist of songs that are mentioned in the book or that I wrote to. Maybe I will in the future.
But for now I’m anxious for everyone else to meet SadieAs soon as I get a release date I’ll post it here. It should be sometime around Thanksgiving. But it will definitely be in the next Deseret Book Christmas catalog.
Happy Day!

Author: Rebecca Belliston @rlbelliston

Hopeless romantic and author of CITIZENS OF LOGAN POND, SADIE and AUGUSTINA. Music nerd and composer of RELIGIOUS and CLASSICAL-STYLE music. I live in Michigan with my husband and five kids.

2 thoughts on “Happy Day!”

  1. I can't wait to read your book (well, I actually will have to wait…not sure if Deseret Book will ship it all the way here!) and I am so glad you are enjoying the piano! I am finally buying one for my China house in the next week or so… I miss my baby grand though!


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