Sadie Extras

Since the official SADIE release date is only two days away (11-11-11), I added some extra Sadie stuff to my website and thought I’d post it here as well. Enjoy!


First off, here’s a list of the characters described by Sadie herself
Guillermo: the charismatic, rich, heart throb, who, for whatever reason, has singled Sadie out as his girl. (FYI, the Spanish pronunciation of his name is [gi’ʎermo]. That was helpful, wasn’t it? No? Okay. Let’s try something different. Pronounce his name, GUI (as in gui-tar) YER  MO.  Unless you’re from Argentina like Sadie’s mom, then you’d pronounce it slightly different, but I won’t confuse you.)

Sam: the quiet intellectual who loves fruit flies and brushing up on his Spanish.

Kevin: the lanky, class clown who wears a smile and his camera round-the-clock.
Trevor: the self-absorbed Stud man with hair as wild as he is.
Josh: the overprotective son of a cop who can cook marshmallows to perfection and tease relentlessly. 
Rocky: the big, black–and incidentally quite smelly–beast.
Marcela: Sadie’s best friend and mother with the tendency toward the dramatic.
Madsen: the agent who looks and acts more hardened business man than federal employee. Sadie really can’t stand that man.
How Sadie describes herself: 
“I’m the problem. I mirror whichever guy I’m with. Around Guillermo, I feel poised, sophisticated, and maybe even a little charming. But with the guys, I’m real. Laughing or crying, depressed or ridiculous, none of it’s an act. It’s just me. 
Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.”
And while she might be pathetic, there’s one thing she knows she is not : a victim.  No matter what anyone says, she refuses to wear that awful and incredibly insulting  word. She refuses to become the nothingness she became on Christmas night. She can’t–she won’t–be nothing again.

There’s also a playlist for SADIE on the website, plus the full lyrics to the song I wrote on page 167.  
Check it out here

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