Book Signing and Book Trailer

I just got two really exciting bits of news today.

First, I will be doing another book signing for SADIE at the downtown SLC DeseretBook store, only this book signing will be with my Dad (yay!) and my sister (double yay!). My dad has written more books than I can count (Gerald N. Lund) and my sister, Cynthia Dobson, recently wrote a beautiful children’s book entitled, “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus.

This triple book signing will be on Thursday, December 22nd, at 6pm.

Family Book Signing
Cyndie Lund Dobson (sister), Gerald N. Lund (dad), Rebecca Lund Belliston (me)
Deseret Book – Salt Lake City

And my second bit of exciting news is that Deseret Book has created a book trailer for Sadie!!! I just watched it today and it is gorgeous. I can’t wait to share it with all of you. I think you’re going to love it. As soon as I get the link, I’ll put it here on my blog as well as my website.

Great day!

(My other book signings for SADIE are listed here.)


3 thoughts on “Book Signing and Book Trailer

  1. Rebecca, I have read all of your father's books and have loved every one of them. Although I did so enjoy the Work and the Glory Series, which my husband and I have read twice, I think Divine Signatures is my favourite of them all. I discovered your book this morning whilst looking for something to read and saw the video. I bought it on my kindle because I couldn't wait as long as it would take for it to arrive in the post, I was immediately taken with it. And then, I realized you were Mr Lund's daughter! amazing! I live in the UK. Wholeseome reading is often very hard to find over here, and when you do find it, very expensive. I just know I will love your book as I enjoyed the excerpt that I read this morning very much. I can't wait to read more!


  2. @Marie, I love Divine Signatures too. It's one of my favorites of his (although he has a new one on hope coming out in March that is amazing!). I understand what you mean about it being hard to find wholesome books, but I'm sure Michigan is easier to have book shipped to than the UK. I just bought a Kindle for that reason, actually. I really hope you continue to enjoy SADIE and thanks for dropping me a note!


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