First Book Signing, Including Pictures

Today was so much fun! I signed with some amazing people, William Bennett, Lisa Mangum, and Denis Gaunt, plus I was able to see a lot of friends and family that I haven’t seen for so long. What a great day. Thanks for everyone that came. Since this was my first ever book signing, I have to post a few pictures. Thanks David Mora for snapping some for me.
I have two more signings tomorrow with Gale Sears (Orem 10-11:30 and Bountiful 2:30-4) plus one next Thursday night (SL 6pm with my dad Gerald Lund and sister Cynthia Dobson). If I haven’t seen you yet and you are in Utah and you have a moment to come stop by, I would love to see you!
Who would have thought that writing a book was such a fun way to connect with old friends? So much fun!

3 thoughts on “First Book Signing, Including Pictures

  1. How exciting! You deserve it and more!!! Truly you are one of the most multi-talented people I have EVER met! ;)


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