(hodgepodging–spell check doesn’t think this is a word. Oh well. It is now.)

Today is a little bit of everything. First, just a quick note to let you know I won’t be blogging much this week. My two cute nephews are staying with me for a little while and rather than spend my time in front of a computer, I thought they would enjoy it more if we did Auntie things like bake cookies or play SORRY; or maybe play SORRY while baking cookies. I don’t know. I should probably get on Pinterest for some ideas. (Anyone know how to use Pinterest?) My youngest is so excited to have his cousins here because usually it’s just him and me alone all day every day and now he’ll have not just one boy but two to follow around. Fun!

So the hodgepodge. 

1) I’m happy to report that my son has forgiven me for killing his fishes. Yes! He also made his first shot in basketball this weekend, so all is well.

2) Two of my favorite YA authors are teaming up to make a movie based around my all-time favorite author, Jane Austen. So I’m just a little teeny bit excited. :)  Check out Stephenie Meyer’s website to read about Austenland, the movie. Very, very, very cool (three verys for three awesome authors). And even more awesome was to see that The Host is well on it’s way to becoming a movie. Stephenie is super cool to me for many reasons, and since The Host is my favorite of her books, I’m very excited to see it on the big screen. I just might have to read it for the fourth time. :)

3) A little promo for my dad, Gerald N. Lund, who is also super cool. That’s really not the right word for him–sorry Dad. How about super amazing. A little better. Anyway, he has a new book coming out in March, called Look Up My Soul: The Divine Power of Hope. It’s a nonfiction book about finding hope in today’s troubled times. As I mentioned last Friday, a lot of people I know are going through tough times right now, so I feel like this book is very timely. You can check it out on his website, www.geraldnlund.com and I’ll let you know once it’s available for pre-order. This is his third nonfiction book in what he calls a “Doctrinal Trilogy.” All three are on his homepage if you’re interested. 

Also, Deseret Book is giving away the first five chapters of the first book, Hearing the Voice of the Lord. All you have to do to get these is fill out a little survey on ebooks. Check it out here.

4) It’s not too late to sign up for Rach’s Writer’s Campaign. Check it out here.

5) Hmmm, anything else? Oh yeah. Hello to all the people who have dropped by recently! Thanks for the nice comments!

6) What else? Can you tell I don’t want to do laundry?

7) Or clean?

8) Or shower?

Alright. I’m done. If I don’t check back in this week, I’m playing SORRY. Have a good one. 

15 thoughts on “Hodgepodge

  1. I am very grateful you will be watching our sons while we need to go to Philadelphia for our daughter. I have the best family in the world!! Rebecca is totally awesome!


  2. Gerald Lund is your dad?!! He is the best writer!! The Work and the Glory series is my absolute favorite! I have the leather bound edition and have read all 9 of them like 10 times! No wonder you are such a good author. It runs in the family! Seriously, I love your book, Sadie and can't wait to read more. When is your next one coming out?!


  3. Yep. :) He is the best writer. I'm glad to hear it's not just me that thinks so. You have the leather bound edition? I'm jealous. And wow, thanks for the compliment. Seriously thanks! I'm happy you liked SADIE. Having him for a dad is just a tad bit intimidating, if you know what I mean, but it was also amazing because he gave me so many pointers on how to write. I hope I learned a few. :) I'm editing my next book right now, waiting to hear from the publisher on a release date. Hopefully I'll know soon. Thanks so much for you nice note, Lexie!


  4. Ohoho! You are published by Deseret! Nice! A lot of us bloggers are self-pubbers, so I assumed. Your site looks great. I'm really looking forward to connecting in our group!


  5. My favorite book written by Stephenie Meyers is also "The Host". I'm happy to hear that someone else likes it. I can't say much for "Austenland", though. I didn't like it very much.


  6. I have read Book of a Thousand Days, and I liked it; but my fav is Goose Girl. There is something that I love about that book.


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