Okay. What’s the deal with Pinterest? I’m seeing it everywhere and I don’t get it. Why does everyone love it? I’m not being adversarial, I’m truly curious. 

I’ve been on it once or twice and I guess I haven’t caught the vision. What am I missing here? Is it because I’m clueless? Not crafty enough? Not intelligent enough? What? Or are there others out there like me who are Un-Pinterested?

(Wow, I’ve set myself up for some snarky comments. Please be kind. I just want to know why you love Pinterest.)

21 thoughts on “Un-Pinterested?

  1. That's why I'm wondering if it's not for me. I don't really decorate and I hate cooking. Hate is a strong word. I would prefer to eat out at McDonald's every night of the week over cooking (I don't particularly like McDonald's). So is there a place for nerdy book/music people like me on pinterest?


  2. completely confused. Every time someone explains it to me I say, "so you click on pictures of things you wish you would do so you can feel a little worse about all the things you didn't do today?" Then they say, "no- you get great ideas of what to wear and cook and craft" and I laugh and say, "sounds like a great way to feel a little more inadequate." I really want to understand it, but I don't.


  3. I've heard a lot about it but haven't tried it. Part of me is afraid of the time drainage as everyone seems to spend a lot of time on it. Part is because I wouldn't know what to put on. And the fact that anyone can go look at what I've pinned is kinda creepy. It's like opening a window to how I think and what I like.


  4. I started using pinterest partially as a way to store all the things I had bookmarked on the web. It is supposed to be an electronic bulletin board. You can use it for anything. You could pin books If you wanted, but I use goodreads to track my books, so I don't use it for that.


  5. Hmmm, bookmarks. I can see that being nice, although I don't have many things bookmarked. I figure I can google anything I might forget. I use goodreads for books as well, which I love. All these little websites… Thanks for your thoughts.


  6. This is my response, which I also posted on facebook.here is why I like it. sometimes I see an idea I like on the internet, maybe a decorating idea, or a quilt design, or instructions on how to make something. Before I had to print it, or save it to my computer. now I can just click the pin it icon on my tool bar, it opens links to all the images on the page and asked me which one I want to pin. I can pin it under headings I have set up. If you want to follow another persons pins you can, sometimes I see someone with similar interests. But for me it saves time, and I don't have to print everything, which saves on ink and paper. I'm not on it all the time, but when I see something I like, it's great. You can even pin a book that is a good read. I'm going to pin Sadie, on my books to read list. In the end, it has saved me time… ;)Lucy Brown


  7. Hey Lucy!!! I'm thinking that it's great for crafty kind of people like yourself. Since I'm craft-challenged, I'm not sure it would benefit me all that much. But I will say, I'm learning a lot in this little dialogue which is what I was hoping. And big THANKS for pinning Sadie wherever things get pinned in cyberspace. That might be worth it alone for me to join, although does that make me desperate to pin my own book on my own pinning thing? Do I care? :)


  8. sorry, i heart pinterest. it's the truth. i love the entire concept. i love that i can "pin" stuff to my virtual bulletin boards so that i do not have to bookmark every page that looks interesting, or save every e-mail that has a link to a site. i love that i can find wonderful meals, crafts, service activities, home ideas, and party ideas in one place. i admit that it can feel like a time warp when you are pinning away and then your day is gone- but my family loves that we experiment with desserts and dinners and all kinds of fun things.i think i may even pin you becky- how do you feel about that?! <3 u!


  9. Yeah, you lost me at wonderful meals, crafts, service activities, home ideas, and party ideas. Which means it's just as I feared. I'm too big a dork to appreciate Pinterest. However…I've decided to do a trial run. So I will make a quick try of it and see if it's a good spot to pin my favorite Looney Tunes episodes. That's about my maturity level. As for pinning me? It sounds a little voodoo-ish when taken out of context. Haha. Sorry, I actually think that would be sweet! I think.


  10. I started pintrest when I was bedridden and used it to pass the time. I find a lot of fun ideas for helping Julia learn math or reading or just fun things to do with the kids. I also follow some geeky boards just for fun, some Primary idea boards and home decorating boards. I follow travel boards to get ideas for my writing. I'm not on there as much now that I'm busy, probably only 2 times a week, but I still really like it. I also hate cooking. Like I would live on cookie dough from Costco if I could because I hate cooking so much.


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