I exercised today. Shocking, right? Not really. I exercised my right to vote.

I like following politics, especially in an election year. My philosophy (as a US citizen) is that you can’t complain about the state of your government if you don’t vote. Today is Michigan’s GOP primary, as well as Arizona’s, which means I have been BOMBARDED with phone calls recently. I think I got 12 yesterday alone. I know there are a lot of commercials on TV as well, but thankfully, I don’t watch much TV. Even then, I’m very glad today is finally here to give me a small break from the heavy campaigning. Living in a swing state, I’m sure it will be bad come November. 

However…I have to remind myself that it all serves a purpose. They want us to care, to listen, to get involved and make an educated decision. 

So if you happen to live in Michigan (like me) or Arizona and are a Republican, please go exercise this amazing right and VOTE. And for those from the next 20 states who will vote in the next month, be ready. We’ve been given a voice. So let’s use it. :)

Republicans: If you aren’t sure when your primary is, check out this list here.

Everyone else: November will come soon enough. 

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3 thoughts on “Vote

  1. I wish more people understood the importance of voting. My state has eliminated the presidential primary. We are having caucuses instead. They will be Saturday. It will be my first time participating in a caucus and I'm a precinct captain so I have to run it for my precinct. It should be interesting.


  2. I never really understood the difference between a caucus and a primary. I'm going to have to go google it now. That's awesome that you're precinct captain. Good luck and way to go for being involved. That's awesome!


  3. I wish my state had an open primary. I don't want to declare a political party, partly because I don't vote based on party lines (much) and partly because I don't want their junk mail, but I'd love to vote in a primary. That's the only election I don't vote.Thank you for a post that stresses the importance of this. Decisions are made by those who show up.


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