An Invitation: March Book Madness

Good morning world! I had such a fun weekend with the fam, but now it’s Monday and I’m choosing to have a GREAT day! Actually, this week is going to be a lot of fun since I have visitors coming in from out of town. SO EXCITED! If I’m not around here much, you’ll know why. But that’s only part of why I’m writing. 

I’m finding that my life is becoming a tad bit busy of late. Just a tad. Only a smidge. (You probably can’t hear the heavy sarcasm dripping from my fingers.) Basically, I’m swamped. You see, I have this WIP, (ie my new manuscript), that really needs some TLC, elbow grease, blood, sweat, and tears. You get the idea. Which means that I should probably spend less time playing around on Blogger and more time tweaking the plot, character arcs, setting, yadda yadda yadda. 

So I had this idea.

I’ve been wanting to have guest posts on my blog for some time now, and while I had a few people weigh in on the whole Non-Verbal Stuff Week (which was great!), I’d love to have more guests. In the short time I’ve delved into the writing/reading/book community, I’ve realized how many of you in the virtual world are amazing people who are excited to share your craft and thoughts with others. 

So…here’s my invitation. 

LONG VERSION: I would like to invite you to do a guest post here on my blog. I’m looking for people to post on Tuesdays or Thursdays over the next few weeks and on a subject related to reading, writing, editing, or agent hunting. In other words, something Book-ish. That would be fantabulous! In fact, our family really gets into March Madness, so I’ll call it MARCH BOOK MADNESS. Very creative, I know. What can I say? (Note the sarcasm again.) And don’t feel like you have to be a professional blogger, writer, or reader to submit. The more real you are, the less dorky we feel. :)

If this interests you (and don’t be shy), drop me a note in the comments below or send me an email (see bio/contact page above). I have a list of topics you can choose from, or you can send me your own. If you do, I promise not to use the word fantabulous again. I’m not really sure what came over me before. Sorry. Besides, it’s a great way to branch out and meet new people/followers/friends.

Here are the topics: 

1) Reading: Character driven books or plot driven books? Which do you prefer? Why? Perfect characters (ie super heroes) or flawed ones (and if flawed, how flawed)?  Name two favorite characters and explain why they’re your favs. How much does the cover affect your reading choices?
2) Writing: Where do you get your ideas for writing? How do you develop those ideas? Are you a plotter or a plodder (meaning you plod through until you have a plot)?
3) Editing: First draft is done. Now what? What’s your style? What’s your advice?
4) Querying: a) How to write a query? Tricks you’ve learned? Sites or books you’ve used? And would you be willing to share one of your queries?
b) How to find an agent to query? Where do you go to research? How many agents to query?
5) Marketing yourself or your book: Tricks to building a writer’s platform. Which social networking sites are your favorite or not worth the time?
6) Or if you don’t like these, you can come up with your own in one of those areas.


How’s that sound? Are you ready to branch out? Speak up? Share some knowledge? Drop me a note and then stay tuned for some great guest posting here in March. I hope!

Oh, and choose to have a great day!


4 thoughts on “An Invitation: March Book Madness

  1. Thanks for the response thus far–through email :). I have room for four more guest posters, so just let me know if your interested. Also, I added the topics to the post above if you missed it before. THANKS!!!


  2. Yay for guests coming! Have tons of fun! I have toyed with the idea of having guest posters as well. I hope it frees up a lot of time to give that ms the elbow grease it needs!


  3. Still room for a couple more. Let me know if you're interested. This is going to be fun! And it's awesome because everyone seems to be picking a different topic. I'm ready to learn. :)


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