March Book Madness: Need TWO More Guest Posters


I mentioned in my post yesterday that I am having some guests posting here on Tuesdays and Thursdays in March. These posts will be discussing all things books. MARCH BOOK MADNESS. Very fun. I already have some great people lined up but I need two more guest posters, so…if you’re interested, please shoot me an email (see bio/contact link above). Here are a just few topics you can choose from:

1) Reading: Do you prefer character or plot driven books (and yes, you must choose)? Why? Perfect characters (ie super heroes) or flawed ones (and if flawed, how flawed)?  Name two favorite characters and explain why they’re your favs. How much does the cover affect your reading choices?

2) Writing: Where do you get your ideas for writing? How do you develop those ideas? Are you a plotter or a plodder (meaning you plod through until you have a plot)?

3) Editing: First draft is done. Now what? What’s your style? What’s your advice?

4) Querying: a) How to write a query? Tricks you’ve learned? Sites or books you’ve used? And would you be willing to share one of your queries? or b) How to find an agent to query? Where do you go to research? How many agents to query?

5) Marketing yourself and/or your book: Tricks to building a writer’s platform. Which social networking sites are your favorite or not worth the time?  

6) If you don’t like those, you can come up with your own.

I’ve already seen some of these posts and I think it’s going to be an informative month for me! If you have any inkling to join, don’t be shy. Maybe one of those topics caught your interest. If so, share. I can always schedule more days for you if I happen to get an overwhelming response. 

Tune in Thursday for the first guest blog by Lynn Wiese Sneyd, owner of LWS Literary Services. She will be sharing her vast experience and expertise on querying agents. It’s going to be great!

See you then.  


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