Video Blog: Prelude in C# minor by Rachmaninoff


Hey everyone. How’s your April going? Mine has been fantastic! This past weekend I played a piano solo at a baptism, organ for a funeral, directed two choir numbers for our Easter service, and played more piano for a children’s class. It was a musical weekend for me which is always a good thing. It’s funny because people who know me as an author are surprised to find out how much I love music. But people who have known me my whole life know me as the crazy music lady and are shocked to find out I love writing now as well.

Because I was in a musical mood, when I had a free hour Saturday, instead of jumping on the computer, I headed to the piano and started jamming out (if classical music can be considered jamming). One of my favorite ‘jam’ songs is Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C# minor. I love this song so much that when my main character in SADIE needed a ‘jam’ song, this had to be the one.

The background is that Sadie is at a New Year’s Eve party she’s not particularly happy about, and she wanders the halls for a few minutes to take a break. As she does, she hears this song being played by her friend, Josh, on a black baby grand he found in a darkened dining hall. I did my best to describe this powerful and moving prelude, and a few readers have asked me what it sounds like in real life. Plus, that scene happens to be one of my favorites in the book. So…

I decided to try something different today. I took a big leap and made a video blog. Yeah, scary. Since this is a new thing for me and I’m kind of nervous about it (as shown in my excessive blinking) there is no making fun of it, no poking fun at my non-concert-pianist playing abilities, or my sad attempt at humor. That’s the rules. If you’re willing to abide by those rules, you can check out my first video blog. Ever.

Tomorrow I’m participating in the 3rd Annual LDS Writer Blogfest. See you then!

(Any other classical music nerds out there? Which songs/composers do you love? Any Rachmaninoff fans?)

What do you think?

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