Sequel to SADIE…

Five months ago today, my first novel, SADIE, was released. With my other manuscript finished–for now at least–I wanted to get back to Sadie’s story. This morning I finished reading SADIE in book form for the first time. Talk about a fun and crazy experience. And I did it without a red pen (although I took notes). Now that it’s fresh in my mind, I’m ready to finish writing the sequel that is half done. Let me say, I’m very excited! I hope everyone enjoys the direction Sadie’s story is headed. For now, I’ll just tell you the title: 


More details to follow. 

(And because I was digging out old photos to get in the mood, here’s a picture from my 2007 trip to Whitefish Lake, MT–Sadie’s favorite place on earth.)

Sadie’s favorite place in the world
Whitefish Lake, Montana



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