To You: My BFFs

This is just a quick post to say THANKS to all my friends, family, and supporters. Seriously. You guys are the best. So amazing. So supportive. I can be such a dork sometimes (all the time), but my BFFs–or whatever I should call you–just smile and pretend like I’m all right. That’s so amazingly awesome.

So here’s a little SHOUT OUT to my awesome hubby, my cute kids, my amazing parents and siblings, my sweet in-laws and other family peeps, my friends, neighbors, fellow ward members, high school buddies, readers, co-authors, blog followers, new twitter friends, facebook followers, or whatever category you fall under (and many of you fall under several). You mean soooo much to me!!! I love your sweet notes and kind words. I love that you still speak to me in spite of my dorkiness. :)
I’m surrounded by the best people. You guys are seriously awesome!

THANK YOU ! ! ! !

 (And I apologize for the title of this post. I have two teens and a 7yo who thinks she’s a teen. BFF isn’t a term I use often. I Promise.) 


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