Pinterested in SADIE?

A few months ago I asked what all of you thought about Pinterest and whether it’s worth the hype–especially for a craft-challenged person like myself. Since then, I’ve found a way to enjoy Pinterest. I’m probably breaking rules and using it for things it wasn’t intended, but according to the hubs, I’m a rule breaker anyway. It’s been fun (Pinterest, not rule-breaking).

Last night I got an idea (stole) from another author to pin pictures or images from your book. Obviously these aren’t exact images from the book since none were taken. Rather these images convey the feeling of a scene, or outfit, or whatever. When I’m working on a book, I often go looking for pictures first and have that picture in mind when I write a scene. I’m a visual person so it works. As such, I’ve collected A LOT of pictures from Sadie. I only put a few up on Pinterest (believe me, there were a lot more), but it was fun reliving the memories. Someday I might get daring and put up characters. For now, it’s mostly scenes. :)

You can check out the images (and even a song or two) on my Sadie Pinterest board here. Follow if you like, since I’m sure I’ll be adding more.

Do you like Pinterest? Are you using it for things other than cooking, crafty, hair/clothes, decorating stuff? If so, I’d love more ideas. (Does it bug you when people like me use it for other things?)

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