I Need Your Help…(Favorite Writing Advice and Pet-peeve words)


Yesterday I realized I was nearing my 100th blog post. CRAZY! Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. Seems like I only started blogging last year. Oh wait. I did. :)

I was thinking about this 100th, and thought it would be fun to have my 100 favorite writing nuggets in some sort of list form for all of you. However, when I started making the list, I decided it was a little ambitious. While I have lots of favorite websites and authors I follow, coming up with 100 was a little daunting (or maybe I didn’t get enough sleep last night). So…here’s where I’m hoping you’ll jump in because I know you know more than I do.

Over the next few days, I’ll be asking you guys about your favorite writing things. I’ll break them into 10 categories, with 10 items each, which will eventually get me to 100 things for my 100th post. :)

I have the first two categories right now.

1) What is your favorite writing advice in 20 words or less? You’re welcome to add more than one, so long as each are under 20-ish words. One of mine is: Great books aren’t written, they’re rewritten.

2) Overused/unnecessary words in writing, either your own or your pet peeve when you read it in others. I’m assuming there are a lot so after I get all of yours I’ll try (somehow) to find the top 10 so we can all avoid being someone else’s pet peeve–which is always a good thing. Some of mine are just, sothat, and had.

Please weigh in. The more responses the better. Tomorrow I’ll be asking the next two questions. :) I’m excited to see this 100 list once we’re done.


What do you think?

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