My Office Today: The Joys of Writing



One of the joys of writing, especially with a laptop, is my office is wherever I say it is, and my hours are whatever I say they are (or my kids need them to be).

Today it is a sunny 74° in Michigan, with little to no humidity. It is paradise.

I’ve done the dishes, started the laundry, carpooled, parented, and fed everyone who needs feeding. Now I’m kicking up my feet, heading to my office (the deck), and delving into a good book. My own. :)


My Home Office


Man, I love writing.

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “My Office Today: The Joys of Writing

  1. Sadly, I only got 45 minutes of quiet bliss on that deck. The rest of the day was filled with chaos, chaos, and more chaos. Did I mention it was a little chaotic? Oh well. At least I got a little time to write. Someday…someday…


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