In A Given Day Challenge

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In a given day challenge

We run and run and run. But sometimes, we get to the end of the day and can’t figure out where we ran to or from. We just know we’re exhausted.

And on the flip side, sometimes we wait and wait and wait for something miraculous to come along and change our life. In the meantime, we don’t realize we are missing today. Right now. This instant.

“In A Given Day” Challenge isn’t really all that challenging. It’s just a reminder to stop, think, remember, and enjoy life for the wonderful thing it is. It is a snapshot, if you will, of your life today. Right now. This instant.

So here I go.

Today I wrote a little on one book (Deep Purple), edited a little on another (Civilization), updated a song (How Great Thou Art), emailed about another song (Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus). I listened to my daughter’s newest story and kissed several skinned knees. I also spent a few hours on my new early-morning seminary calling, drove the kids a bunch of places, played Toy Story with the youngest, cooked, cleaned, weeded the strawberry patch, and ugh. A whole bunch of other stuff. Yes. My brain is fried, but I have to say, I LOVE MY LIFE (and I am never bored).

How about you?

Respond back to the “In A Given Day” Challenge and give me a snapshot of your life today. Or if you don’t feel comfortable sharing, write it down somewhere, because someday you’ll look back on today and remember how happy you were (hopefully). Plus, it’s kinda fun to realize all the things one person can accomplish in one solitary day.

Humans amaze me.

Humans’ capacity for ‘doing things’ amazes me even more.

So share if you want, write it down if you want. And as always, Choose to have a good day!

11 thoughts on “In A Given Day Challenge

  1. Wow! Busy. My day wasn’t nearly so bad. I’m watching my friend’s dog and trying to keep my husband from going crazy with an extra dog around (he told me I can’t be nice like this again); I put a few hours of work in at my office, then came home and put in 2 hours for my side job writing grant proposals, then read from my new book (The Lost Wife by Richman–awesome so far); then got roped in by my kids to watch 9 other kids so they could swim at the neighbor’s pool (and hoping I didn’t get sunburned). Fixed dinner, now sitting down to enjoy a couple hours of quiet while everyone else goes to Scouts and YW. I love my life too.


    1. Haha, you say your day wasn’t nearly so busy, but when you spell it out it sounds pretty busy. :) Between the dog and the nine other kids, I would say you are an extremely nice person. Both would probably put me over the edge.


  2. I woke up to a FB wall post from a friend that said her son had included Kendra in his prayers this a.m., saying he prayed she would be “strong and know the right things to do.” Especially great way to start the day as she is with her dad for 2 weeks in Utah and I’m missing her badly. I got ready and headed to a training for school where I learned all kinds of interesting things about gifted children. Said training was with three of my teaching team friends from school, and we enjoyed a great lunch in which we laughed a ton at each other. My teaching partner, who is a dude, took a sip out of my drink like he was my brother or something (ew!). After training I came home to polish off half of a mini bundt cake that a friend brought me as a pick-me-up yesterday. I sat down to watch the news and dozed off for a lovely fifteen minute power nap. I checked FB, email, read a few blogs, ate a weird dinner of Bush’s Grillin’ Beans and green peas. Went for a run and found a surprisingly delightful temperature drop with a great breeze—80 in Texas in June is quite astonishing. Threw open my windows and am enjoying fresh air in my living room while typing this. Miss my girl a lot and am looking forward to her calling me tonight to tell me about her day in the mountains, and will watch some mindless television while eating a small scoop of Blue Bell Sherbet. Overall, a pretty good day!


    1. That’s a nice way to wake up. Sounds like you had a busy day, too. I agree, the drink thing is a little weird/familiar. Did you wipe off the straw after? :) Sorry about the dinner, too. Sounds a little…ugh…to me. :) But I also know cooking for one stinks. And if you end with sherbet all is well. (Not sure why all your food choices are jumping out at me. Maybe I should have had breakfast.) Hopefully we’ll be seeing you and Kendra soon, right?


      1. We’ll be in MI on June 29th! :-) (Oh, and I threw away my drink after Taylor sipped after me…luckily lunch was just about over!)


  3. This is a nice idea. Only 1.30pm here as I’m typing this, but I think I’ve done quite a lot. First thing I did when I got up (5am) was check my emails, then wrote interview questions for someone who won a giveaway on my blog and emailed them. Didn’t have to shower as I got one last night (yes, I’m a guy). Put some washing in, got kids ready for school. Said goodbye to wife and two older kids. Got two youngest ones to school/nursery EARLY for once (result!) Then came home for 2.5 hr writing session and ALMOST made my 2K word target (it was 1800, as I sadly spent the first half hour procrastinating by reading blogs). Then picked up youngest from nursery and had to send a letter at post office by recorded delivery, to cancel a holiday we can’t afford. Went to doctors to enquire about a problem with my stepson’s nutritional supplements. Then home and had lunch and I’ve been blogging since then and entertaining daughter. Soon I’ll have to go and Hoover the living room, bah. Then pick up second youngest from school.

    Well, you asked!


  4. 5am? Brutal. I’m impressed on the 2k words (and if you round up, you made it. I’m definitely a rounder). I know several writers doing the 2k a day in June. Are you? If so, that’s amazing. I was doing pretty well for awhile but have had to slow down with the kids out of school. Sounds like your day is similar to mine in that your trying to do things in between getting kids where they need to be. I’m lucky if I get more than 10 minutes uninterrupted. Hope the rest of your day went well. Kind of fun to recap.


  5. I love that you always take time to appreciate your life. It’s such an awesome attitude.

    I’ll go with yesterday because today’s only just started. Up at 6:15 after nearly sleeping through two alarms. Hit traffic on the way to work, which I’m choosing to look at in a positive light because it gives me more time to sing along to the radio and work on my books in my head. Spent the drive trying to plot my new book (Wallflower). It was a pretty calm day at work, so I had a little time to edit the Capitoline Hill Chronicles (working on a 4th draft for a new set of beta readers). Read Kelley Armstrong’s No Humans Involved (for the sixth time) during lunch. Vacillated between plotting Wallflower and another book (Bex Addison) on the drive home from work (more traffic… and rain). Picked up Dog from doggie daycare. Ate dinner with my dad. Talk to my grandpa on the phone for about an hour, helping him set up a new email account. Watched Rizzoli & Isles and an old episode of Suburgatory with my mom. Considered how happy I am that I’m ahead in my monthly word count so I didn’t have to write last night. Finished No Humans Involved. Bed at midnight.


    1. Wow, thanks. Over the last year I’ve tried to remind myself that happiness is a choice. I usually do okay until about 6pm (notice, I rarely blog after 6pm).

      Sounds like you had a lot of time with words yesterday. Fun. Traffic, not so much. I’m in the car a lot now with the whole five-kid thing, but I am rarely in traffic. I always feel sorry for people who do. It takes great patience. How fun to help your grandpa, too, although I’m sure it would have been easier in person. When I try to talk older people through computer issues over the phone, it usually ends up in a migraine for me. :) Thanks for playing along. It’s funny because even people who say they had a slow day still have a LONG list.


  6. I woke up at 6:00 to get Emily out the door to school. After running her to school I arrived home in time to get Jeremy out the door. I should have been busy but I went back to bed until 10:00. I showered and ran to pick Emily up from her half day of school. I cleaned out my cub scout bag, organized all of the day camp papers, sent out the bills, gathered some craft items to donate to cub scout camp and watched a home movie of Emily. I then took advantage of the dumpster sitting in my neighbors driveway and had Rob and Emily help me get rid of the lumpy bed in the basement. I then went with Rob to pick up our camper for this weekend, picked up dinner, ate dinner, drove Jeremy to his 8th grade picnic, picked up Emily’s insulin at CVS, picked up Emily and delivered her to karate class, went to the scout roundtable and registered the cubs for camp, returned to pick Jeremy up from the school, my mom dropped Emily off there for me, On the way home I decided I wanted to try one of those Strawberry lemonades from McDonalds and since it is next to the post office I killed two birds with one stone. Some where in there I loaded the dishwasher and did 4 loads of laundry. I should be packing but instead I am writing this post on your blog. I love my life, I love being a mom and I love busy days.


  7. I think you might win the prize, Michelle, on accomplishing the most. Wow. Of course, I’m always amazed at everything you get done. I love that you went back to bed, though. I am looking forward to those days. For now, I don’t trust the 4yo to not kill our house or himself. I’m craving a strawberry lemonade now. :)


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