Cool Book for a Hot Day



Looking for a good book to help you cool down on a hot summer day?

Wish that book could transport you to the beautiful, cold, Montana Mountains? I know just the one. ;)


I don’t know about where you are, but it is HOT in Michigan right now. Hot and humid. Yikes. And today was the day my kids decided to host their own version of the Olympics in our backyard. Super cute, but crazy hot. I missed the last little bit when I couldn’t take it anymore.

One of the fun comments I’ve received about Sadie is that it makes people cold when they read it. One lady even said she had to grab a blanket to finish the end of it. I loved that it felt so real.


If you’re as hot as I am, and you’re looking for a fun summer read, check out Sadie.

Here’s the book trailer.


Feeling cooled down yet?

Here’s the synopsis:

Sadie Dawson thinks she has the perfect life until one misunderstanding leads to a brutal event that changes everything. Terrified, she flees her boyfriend’s wrath, two FBI agents, and her perfect life. Lost in a Montana snowstorm and desperate for refuge, she’s rescued by four quirky guys on their annual holiday ski vacation.

As her physical wounds heal, Sadie wonders if she will ever be able to escape the clutches of her wealthy and determined boyfriend. While her heart tells her there is more to a perfect life than diamond necklaces and elegant dinner parties, she doesn’t know who to trust.

And just when her heart settles, she finds herself abandoned by the one person who swore to protect her for a religion she doesn’t understand. Will she have the courage to follow her heart and find the life that is perfect for her?

READ the first two chapters here.

BUY the paperback or ebook any of these places:

And if you’ve read Sadie and missed our earlier online ‘book club’, check it out here.

You can ask me questions about the book, the writing process, editing, if there is a God, or whatever. Ask away:)

Have a great one!


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