I Love Summer!


These are flowers from my garden!

They smell as beautiful as they look. Carrie Ashworth, my new main character, would be proud. And all along the Michigan highways are wild lilies that are as orange as they are tall. Gorgeous.

I hope summer is as beautiful where you are as it is here.

Have a great one!


4 thoughts on “I Love Summer!

  1. Love your flowers! Your character Carrie sounds like she has great taste. I came home from camping today and found my daisies starting to bloom in my back yard! So fun! Got to enjoy them before a good wind comes through and knocks them all down.


  2. Those are gorgeous! We grow mostly vegetables and herbs in our (admittedly very tiny) garden. No veggies yet but a few jalapeno peppers), but the herbs (basil, oregano, garlic chives, and parsley) have been growing nicely. I actually got to use the ones I’d been drying for the first time last week. (I’m a lazy gardener though. My dad does most of the work, and I just do the cutting and the cooking. And the bragging. :-) )


    1. My hubby is the vegetable gardener, but no herbs. How fun. I keep asking for herbs because I would love to cook with them. I need to convince him to put it on our deck, though, so it’s close to the kitchen. I’m lazy that way. :)


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