SADIE is 65% off!


Looking for a cool read on a hot summer day?

SADIE is 65% off at Deseret Book for a limited time.


SADIE is a fun, fast, clean read with a little bit of suspense and a lot of romance. There’s roasting marshmallows, learning to snowboard, and lime green snow beasts (sort of). There’s everything from a bowl of Lucky Charms at four in the afternoon, to a beautiful meal of hallaca. It also has some Rachmaninoff, so you can’t go wrong.

Get it for you, a friend, a daughter or a mom.

Check it out here.




Author: Rebecca Belliston @rlbelliston

Hopeless romantic and author of CITIZENS OF LOGAN POND, SADIE and AUGUSTINA. Music nerd and composer of RELIGIOUS and CLASSICAL-STYLE music. I live in Michigan with my husband and five kids.

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