8 Steps to Create Visually-Appealing Blog Posts

The Importance of White Space

I took a graphic design class in college that talked about the importance of white space.

  • White space is the area of a page (post, letter, document) without graphics or writing

It doesn’t have to be white either. Just empty. The extra space below this sentence is white space.




As I browse the internet and read different blogs, one thing I notice is a lack of white space. People have so much knowledge they’re excited to share, they often cram it into one tiny little space, as if they’re trying to save virtual paper.

Why is that bad?

  1. It’s not real paper. No trees will be hurt if you spread things out. “Don’t waste paper” and “Save the planet” don’t apply here.
  2. If a reader opens a visually overwhelming page on a day they already feel overwhelmed, they’ll think, “I really don’t have time to be on the internet,” and they’ll close your post.

Not good.

On the flip side . . . popular blogs seem to offer their readers some breathing room within their posts. It’s as if they’re saying, “Sit down, relax, and stay awhile.” The reader doesn’t even know why they’re still reading when it seems like they already know this stuff. But trust me, the presentation is as important as the words themselves. 

So how is it done?.

8 Easy Ways to Create Visually-appealing Blog Posts

1. Use short sentences. Short paragraphs.

Forget your English teachers. Blogs need this more than the average writing. One author I follow rarely uses more than two sentences per paragraph, which makes his posts skimmable. That might not sound like the goal, but it is.

2. Put extra space between graphics or paragraphs.

Just adding an extra space or two can highlight your point.


3. Include pictures in your post.

We all like pictures, plus a graphic is required if someone wants to ‘pin’ your post to Pinterest for later reference. Another goal.


4. Use headings.

Change the font size. Go bold sometimes, or use the occasional italics. If the average reader spends five seconds on your site, what do they see?

5. Once your post is written, zoom way out and blur your eyes.

Is there enough white space, enough breathing room? Then readjust and split paragraphs as needed.

6. Use bullets or numbered lists.

People love these, and it adds natural white space.

7. Try a different color.

Though it’s technically not white space, it still catches the eye. 

8. Watch others.

Notice how other bloggers maximize white space to minimize the strain on your eyes.



In just a few steps you’ll attract more readers without changing any content. Sounds easy enough, right?

It is..

  • I could show you how this post looks like without the white space, but you wouldn’t want to read it anyway. :)
  • This white space concept flows into writing books as well. Depending on the age of your reader, you’ll need more white space. Middle grade readers, for example, need more white space than an adults..

What tricks have you used to make your posts (articles, letters, etc.) visually appealing? What have you seen others do?

,8 steps to create visually appealing blog


9 thoughts on “8 Steps to Create Visually-Appealing Blog Posts

  1. David Powers King uses a lot of photos to illustrate his posts–not just eye candy but very specific examples of the points he makes. It keeps his posts moving. He also uses a larger font size.


  2. Thanks for your endorsement, JoLynne and Rebecca! And this post is spot on. To think I was just doing my usual, so I’m glad to know my posts are easy on the eyes. :)


  3. It’s funny how our eyes immediately tell us what we do or don’t want to read. When I open a post and see bad design, huge blocks of text, unappealing or stark colors, I really have to want to read the content to continue.

    I’m starting to learn how much I appreciate an image in posts. Something I didn’t realize until thinking about my own formatting. Now I’m incorporating pictures to break up the text and give the reader another way to look at everything.


    1. Yeah, it’s amazing how much we care about looks when we all claim they don’t matter. But I hate to see any awesome content overlooked because it wasn’t formatted well. Good luck with the pictures. I’m sure it will help. :)


  4. I have tried these tips and they work. Most Internet users don´t feel like reading a novel post at the end of their day so when a post seems short it makes them want to actually read it since it won´t take up most of their time.

    Liked by 1 person

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