Friday (sort of) Funnies: In Case of Emergency



I haven’t posted Friday Funnies for a few weeks. Sorry. Summer with 5 kids is crazy, but fun. Actually, it’s more like summer with 13 kids since my kids’ friends are in and out quite often. It’s not surprising I’m running three days behind on everything.

Anyway, plenty of things have made me laugh lately. Here’s just one.

I was just asked to teach the early morning seminary class in our ward (the Bible class for teens that starts at 6am every morning before school).

Yesterday, the previous seminary teacher gave me this:


I’ve been laughing ever since. (Thanks LeeAnne!)

For the record, you’re my witness that the glass has not been broken yet. Good thing the chocolate is protected or it wouldn’t be there. We’ll see how long it lasts once the school year begins. It’s sitting next to my computer tempting me right now.

Have a great one!


PS – Anything make you laugh recently? Care to share?


7 thoughts on “Friday (sort of) Funnies: In Case of Emergency

  1. Love it! But very tempting. I definitely would have broken it as a Girl’s camp chef a few weeks ago (but I would have had help from 5 other ladies as well). Good luck with teaching early morning seminary. My hat is off to you. That sounds hard…and expensive (I know from experience that doughnuts work wonders with teens)


    1. Girls camp is definite emergency. My daughter goes tomorrow. Not me, thankfully–oops, did I just say that? I’m excited for seminary, but also overwhelmed. Donuts, OJ, and anything else will definitely be used on a regular basis. :)


  2. For Seminary you not only have to get up to teach at 6am, but you have to get UP as well. “Nap” becomes a daily word in your vocabulary. But … you are about to embark on one of the greatest experiences of your life ! I look back over those four years as “life-defining”, and hope they were for my students as well.


    1. Yes. I have been awake at 6am many times, but UP? That will be tough. Especially without coffee. ;) My neighbor thinks it’s the funniest thing that the same church that makes its members get up at unearthly hours for seminary also asks their members to stay away from coffee. Haha. But I am SO looking forward to delving into the New Testament. I am sure I will get so much out of this year. I’m sure your students remember their times with you. I certainly remember your Book of Mormon class and the great insights you had into the scriptures. You were/are a great teacher!


      1. My two funniest “Comments by Students” were : “Gee, Sister Day, do you have to be so dang cheerful every day ?” and (student to parent) “Sister Day teaches Seminary like it was a class !”
        Love your neighbor’s comment ! Once, after dressing in the dark, I went to Sem. in two different shoes !


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