What Writing Really Feels Like…


One more week until school starts. One more week!


The best way to describe my feelings is something like this…



Just kidding. Sort of.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids. Really. I do. I love the days we’ve spent in pajamas, playing board games, and eating Doritos as fast as humanly possible.

But . . . well . . .

Come May, I’ll be ready to have them back home again ALL. The. Time.


As I anticipate getting back into writing, I came across this post today by Nathan Bransford. It is about the funniest, most accurate post I’ve seen on writing. It’s nice to know we all feel the same in this crazy business. Just when you think you’re done with the emotional roller coaster, you start up the next hill.

Check out the link here about what writing really feels like.

It’s worth the few minutes for a good laugh.


What stage of writing are you in? Sadly, I’m in several stages because I’m working on several projects. Lucky me.

As always, have a great one!


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4 thoughts on “What Writing Really Feels Like…

  1. LOL! That’s how my mom used to get when my brother and I went back to school. Until we went to college and “back to school” meant she wouldn’t see us for several months.

    Good luck with getting back into your writing!


    1. Yes, it’s a mixed feeling day. Usually a few weeks into school I miss my kids again. So far, not so much. Of course, it’s only day two. :) Thanks on the writing. Still hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully once I get my feet back under me again.


  2. My kids were pretty excited to get back to the ‘routine’ part of life. We all had a fun summer, but I think they were anxious to see all their friends they don’t see in summers. My kitchen is much cleaner now after 2 days of them in school. Teenagers are pigs in the kitchen…just saying. (and Nathan Bransford’s post was hilarious. Love it).


    1. My kids won’t admit it, but they’re happy to be back in a routine. No kidding on the teenager thing! Glad it’s not just mine. Wow! Now my pre-teen is as bad as the others. :)


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