10 More Days Until LDStorymakers Midwest Conference!!!

I’m getting SO excited for LDStorymakers Midwest Conference in 10 days!!! This is my first official writer’s conference. Any suggestions? What should I take? Wear? Do? NYC Editors and agents will be there, too. Suggestions on how to make a pitch?

You’d think after a year of this author thing, I’d know what I was doing.


Not so much.

  • Fun note: I’ve been appointed as the new LDStorymaker’s secretary. Nobody else signed up for the job, so I guess they’re stuck with me. jk. Hopefully I don’t mess up too badly.

When I get back from the conference, I’ll probably have a month’s worth of posts to let y’all know what I learned. I’m expecting great things, ’cause amazing people are presenting, including Lisa Mangum, author of The Hourglass Door series.

  • (Sorry for the slight accent: y’all, ’cause. I don’t speak Southern. My current character does. Looks like it’s seepin’ into my everyday writing.)

Anyone out in my reading audience attending the LDSM Conference? If so, come find me and say HI. Please! I’ll be the clueless one wandering around trying to look like a real author, but in actuality, looking like a real idiot. I should be easy to pick out of the crowd. :)


Also, if you’re in the area, come to the HUGE author signing Sept 14th, at the Barnes & Noble in Oak Park, Kansas, 7-9pm.

I’ll be there. So will SADIE!


Will you?


Suggestions or thoughts for me? Comment here.


2 thoughts on “10 More Days Until LDStorymakers Midwest Conference!!!

  1. That sounds like a fun conference. I’d definitely say hi to you if I was attending, but don’t live anywhere close. Have fun.


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