Friday Funnies: Welcome To My Life

You know the old saying, A picture is worth a thousand words?



Formerly Neapolitan Ice cream

Welcome to my life.


I was alerted to this strange ice cream phenomenon by my fuming mad daughter (who is convinced her brothers were put on earth to eat us out of house and home). 

Picture me trying to yell at my son for eating ONLY the chocolate part while trying not to laugh my head off. He might as well have licked the inner part clean. Not a spoonful of chocolate left. It’s like the Grand Canyon in there. I’m pretty sure he didn’t use a bowl either. Straight from the container. That’s his style.

Yep. Welcome to my life.


It’s one of those parenting dilemmas, though. Disciplining without laughing. You see, I can totally understand his predicament. Vanilla is boring, and you have to be in the mood for strawberry. But chocolate is great anytime. Anytime!

Gotta love him for his creativity.

I’m not sure if he’ll live to his 12th birthday–not if my daughter can help it–but you gotta love his creativity. 

Welcome to my life.


What do you think? Is Neapolitan better this way? Personally, I’ve never been a fan. Pick a flavor already and stick with it. Why confuse your taste buds?  It’s the last time I buy it, that’s for certain.

By the way, any suggestions on how to eat the rest of it? There’s not a soul in the house who will touch it. Oh, wait. There might be one.

Maybe I’ll sick it on the 4yo. He won’t care. :)


Have a great weekend!


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10 thoughts on “Friday Funnies: Welcome To My Life

  1. I never liked Neopolitan either (yet my dad always bought it). That is super funny though. You could do floats with the vanilla if you have Root Beer. Strawberry…ick. It’s got to be ‘real’ strawberry with chunks and stuff if it is to be edible. I’m sure the 4yo won’t mind though. They usually don’t.


    1. Yeah, not sure who invented Neapolitan. It had to be a company, not a specific person, ’cause I’ve yet to meet someone who likes it. Rootbeer floats is a great idea. Hide the vanilla in pop so they don’t know where it came from. :)


  2. We always have the same problem. :) You can make browines and put the vanilla on top. Yum! We always give the baby whatever no else wants. They get spoiled enough!


  3. You could make smoothies out of it.

    I’m sure this happened at my parents house when I was little. My dad used to buy Neopolitan alot.


  4. Smoothies would work, especially with the strawberry part. *stomach growls on cue* What is it with Dads and Neapolitan? Seriously. I just don’t get it. Troy buys it more than I do, too. Now I’m going to have to ask why.


    1. Haha. That would work. Like I pointed out, chocolate is never a bad thing. Ever. In fact, chocolate fixes most things! I didn’t even think that it could fix my dilemma. Nice!


  5. Yeah, I’ve never been a big fan of Neopolitan. I don’t really like strawberry anyway and you’re right, vanilla is boring. I’d have done (and HAVE done in fact) exactly what your son did. Give me some Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food instead…


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