Last Day for Free Music!–Happy Halloween


Just a reminder that today is the last day you can get my sheet music for FREE!

Tomorrow, it goes back up to a whopping $1.65 a piece. :)  Okay, that’s not that much, but hey, free is free.


Thanks to everyone who’s already requested music. I think I’ve given away over 150 copies, which is awesome!

So…let your favorite musicians know and let your not-so-favorite musicians know, too. All my sheet music is free until midnight tonight. My music is either religious choral, vocal, and piano, or else classical-style piano stuff.  The only song I can’t give away is For There’s A Savior Born.

To get the free music, simply email me and let me know what songs you want.

The list of my songs and a few audio clips are here. Pick as many as you want. 

Alrighty then.

Have a Happy (and hopefully warm and dry) Halloween!!!

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Author: Rebecca Belliston @rlbelliston

Hopeless romantic and author of CITIZENS OF LOGAN POND, SADIE and AUGUSTINA. Music nerd and composer of RELIGIOUS and CLASSICAL-STYLE music. I live in Michigan with my husband and five kids.

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