The Gift Of Reading: My Three Book Recommendations for Christmas



Give the gift of reading for Christmas. I love to give my kids books for Christmas, which means I’m always on the prowl for great books. Maybe you are, too.

Here are my book recommendations for Christmas:

All three are kid and adult friendly. I’ve already mentioned these books on my blog back when I read them, but I’ll mention them again in case you forgot, because they’re that good. :)

  1. My dad’s newest book, THE GUARDIAN – by Gerald N. Lund, is a fast-paced novel similar in feel to his ALLIANCE and FREEDOM FACTOR books. The main characters are a spunky 16yo girl, her best friend who happens to be a boy, and a magic pouch with the power to save her family (the pouch deserves to be a character because it has a mind of it’s own). I wrote in more detail about it here. It’s #1 on Deseret Book’s fiction list right now which is awesome!The Guardian by Gerald N Lund
  2. Braden Bell’s, THE KINDLING, is a middle-grade book perfect for younger teens and pre-teens. I wrote more about this book here. Braden is running a Christmas special right now for his book $9.99. 8702518_orig
  3. I also love EDENBROOKE by Julianne Donaldson. It’s a fun regency romance that takes me back to my Jane Austen reading roots. I wrote more thoughts about this book here.Book Review: Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson

Click any of the pictures to buy the book. They’re awesome.

Those are my three suggestions. What are yours?

I’m always looking for great books to read, and between me and my five kids, we read most genres. I know you love to read, too, so what have you read lately that we might like? What do you love? Share here.


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3 thoughts on “The Gift Of Reading: My Three Book Recommendations for Christmas

  1. I LOVED Edenbrooke. Got it from the library, but will buy it soon. I will definitely reread that one. I’ll have to get the Kindling for my boy. Oh, and I finished Origin and really liked that one too. Thanks for the reviews.


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