Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Seems like everyone has a smart phone these days, which means more and more people are viewing websites on very tiny screens with a million finger smudges. If people look at your website, how does it look that small?

What is a mobile-friendly website?

A mobile-friendly website takes a normal website and simplifies it, or rather, it redesigns it so the width fits a mobile (small) screen. I’m a visual learner, so I’ll show you what I mean.

Here’s a snapshot of what my website looks like on a computer screen:

Mobile Website

Here’s what it might look like on a mobile device:


That’s a whole lot of finger scrolling (ie, new smudges) for my mobile-device friends. Up, down, even sideways scrolling. For the casual reader, it’s too much work.

But there’s another option.

With a little effort on my part, I now have a mobile-friendly site:

Mobile phone

The whole thing is formatted for the smaller screen, which makes a world of difference in scrolling. Plus, all my navigation is right where I need it.

Here’s another example, since I just did the same thing for my dad’s site.

How do you make a mobile-friendly website?

There are many ways. Many blogs themes have mobile-responsive themes (they’ll change depending on the device). Most web design platforms (including Wix, which is the one I use) also has options so you can design a mobile-friendly site. 

The gist

Someone has probably researched how many people get their information on a hand-held device versus a computer screen now. It’s a lot. Maybe even you’re reading this post on a small, smudged screen. Cool. I hope the WordPress folks formatted it well for you.

(UPDATE 8/24/15: Google now ranks mobile-friendly websites higher in searches than non. So…yeah.)

We have the world at our fingertips — literally. We’ve become an impatient set of humans. People visiting our sites want information as fast as possible. If they don’t get it, they’ll shrug and leave. Let’s get them the information as easily as possible.

So…if you have a website, make sure you also have a mobile-friendly site. 

So my amazing readers, have you gone mobile-friendly? If so, how did you do it? Anything I forgot to mention? Please share here.

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6 thoughts on “Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

  1. I’ve been wondering about this lately. I don’t have a smart phone either, but I’m sure my site isn’t mobile friendly. I didn’t worry about it too much since I’m not very technologically advanced anyway, but now we keep hearing that more and more people are using smaller devices for web surfing. I’ll have to give this a try – thank you!


  2. I will have to check that site out and also look at my dashboard to see what I’m set up for. Thanks for the info.


  3. I haven’t thought about it, but I usually hate navigating a website on my phone. Blogger shows me how my site looks on a mobile on my dashboard, but I’ve never actually tried it myself! Hmm, I should do that.


    1. I don’t think I would have thought about it until I tried to show my husband my site on his iphone. His attention span was short with the current setup. It’s good to know that Blogger has the mobile option. I figured they would. Good luck.


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