Countdown to AUGUSTINA: Names


Day 3 of the countdown to Augustina.

Josh’s siblings play a bigger role in Book 2. He has five younger brothers and sisters. I happen to have five kids, so…his siblings’ names are based on the names of my kids. :)

My kids love this.

I do, too.

My dad, Gerald N. Lund, sometimes wrote us into his stories, too. If you’ve read the Work and the Glory series, you might notice the youngest daughter is named Rebecca Steed. And in the Alliance, Eric’s little sister is named Becky. :)

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So…I kinda did the same.

Josh’s siblings are named Jake, Lauren, Mike, Drew, and Katie, all versions of my kids’ names.

Fun, fun, fun.


3 thoughts on “Countdown to AUGUSTINA: Names

  1. I loved Rebecca in the Work and the Glory. I hadn’t put together the family connection (I can be slow sometimes). Nice cover for Augustina.


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