Countdown to Augustina: The Cabin

I came home from Utah with three boxes or pictures (not tiny boxes either) from my  parents’ house since they’re moving. I browsed through them today and came across a few of our family cabin we had awhile back. My parents sold the cabin when they went on their mission to England, so we haven’t been there in awhile. But…

I loved that cabin!

In fact, I loved it so much, I wrote it into SADIE and AUGUSTINA.

Sam Jackson’s family owns a cabin up in Whitefish, MT, and the four guys go up their every Christmas Break to ski. Sam’s cabin isn’t exactly like my family’s cabin, but it definitely has similarities: huge great room, two-story stone fireplace, loft, large pine walls, wrap-around deck.

With AUGUSTINA a week-ish away, I thought you might want to see it. :)

  • Side note to my dearest family: Don’t kill me for posting these pictures. Here. I’ll mention to my blog readers that the pictures are at least 10 years old, and we’re all much skinnier, prettier, and more stylish now. *cough*. Plus (1) I didn’t tag any faces or name any names, and (2) I’m 1,600 miles away so what can you do to me? :) Hopefully, the pictures will bring back great memories. We all loved the cabin.

So here they are:

Lund Cabin
The cabin in early spring. In Sadie I mentioned large windows and a wrap-around deck, plus aspens all around the lot. So pretty.
This is my family 17 years ago (again, don’t kill me). Note the matching outfits? When you read about Sam’s family having matching outfits in their pictures, you’ll get the general idea.
Michael0003 - Copy
Not the greatest picture, but here’s a shot of the large, stone fireplace. Sadie loves the stone fireplace in Sam’s cabin. :)
Besides a cute pic with my dad and my oldest, this one shows the loft where the guys slept.
More matching outfits. My mom is the queen of matching outfits. She kept OshKosh in business.
Michael0002 - Copy
The pine kitchen with some awesome girls.
Michael0004 - Copy
Haha. I just had to add this one because…well…it’s awesome. My boy is 17 now. Talk about bribery. Only unlike my brothers and sisters, I live with him. Shoot. I might be in trouble for posting this. Shhh!

I hope those give you a better idea of the cabin mentioned in my two books.

Only more week until AUGUSTINA!!!

Do you picture Sam’s cabin looking at all like our family cabin?

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Augustina: The Cabin

  1. How very blessed you are to have such beautiful memories of your family. I loved seeing all of them. Thank you for sharing :) I can’t wait to read Augustina!


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