Penumbras, by Braden Bell: Fast, Fun Adventure


I finished the second book of Braden Bell’s Middle School Magic this week. I LOVE this series.

It’s about three friends in Middle School who find out they have special powers. With the help of their Middle School teachers, the friends fight the Darkhands.

The first book, The Kindling, came out last year. Read my review here

In this second book, Penumbras, the three friends seem to battle more in their minds, especially Conner. His biggest fear of turning into a Darkhand is coming true, and he’ll do anything to protect his best friend and sister. Even if it means leaving.

Here’s the trailer:


I love the twists and turns in this book. I love the fast pace. I kept sneaking away from my family to read a little more. The characters are so lovable and relateable, especially Conner with his boy insecurities, dark fears, and cute little crush on Melanie. I also love that the teachers or the mentors. Too often, middle school teachers get a bad rap in fiction. This time, they save their students.

As part of the blog tour, you can win a $50 gift card. Details here. But today is the last day, so hurry to the link to enter.

If you or your kids love Rick Riordan, you’ll love these books! Click on either book for more information.



4 thoughts on “Penumbras, by Braden Bell: Fast, Fun Adventure

  1. I’m going to tell my son about these. He’s reading the Tennis Shoes series a 2nd time because he didn’t know what else to read. Thanks for the review. It sounds exciting.


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