Cyber Monday, LDS Fiction: AUGUSTINA is $0.99

Happy Cyber Monday!

I’m not a Black Friday shopper. The crowds aren’t worth it to me. However, Cyber Monday is just my style. Sittin’ in my PJs, doin’ some Christmas shopping from the warmth of my couch. Yep.

So to celebrate, AUGUSTINA is on sale today.

The ebook is $0.99 for today only. It’s available for:

$0.99 Augustina ebook

Against the odds, Sarah Augustina Dawson survived the wrath of Guillermo. But not without a price. Forced to leave her beloved Montana behind, she and Josh are on the run. Within the warmth of the South, she’s determined to find peace and conquer her past, even if only in her mind. But Guillermo can’t let go. He’s still orchestrating, hunting, and devising ways to exact his own kind of justice. When the law swings in his favor, he’s ready to end the feud that started the moment Josh walked into Sadie’s life. 


Instead of just having one Cyber Monday to shop, why not have four? I’ll have deals on my books and music every Monday in December, so be sure to check back next week. 

And don’t forget, if you’d like to order an autographed copy of SADIE or AUGUSTINA (or both), you can do so on my website here. Make sure to send me a note who you want it autographed to (or there is a spot when you order to add that as well).

Happy Shopping!!!


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