March Book Madness Schedule

Are you guys ready for another amazing March Book Madness this year? Me, too!!!

Here’s the schedule:

Danyelle Ferguson
Tue, Mar 4: Danyelle Ferguson
Wed Mar 5: Gerald N. Lund

JoLynne Lyon
Thu Mar 6: JoLynne Lyon
Tricia Pease
Tue Mar 11: Tricia Pease
Sarah Belliston
Wed Mar 12: Sarah Belliston
A.L. Sowards
Thu Mar 13: A. L. Sowards
Charity Bradford
Tue Mar 18: Charity Bradford
Christopher Rosche
Wed Mar 19: Christopher Rosche
Chantele Sedgwick
Thu Mar 20: Chantele Sedgwick
Charissa Stastny
Tue Mar 25: Charissa Stastny
Janice Hardy
Wed Mar 26: Janice Hardy
Braden Bell
Thu Mar 27: Braden Bell

12 Authors = 12 writing perspectives 

(March Book Madness is an excuse for me to invite fellow authors to my blog to discuss everything book-ish. This is my third year. You can check out the other years here.)

Make sure to check back for our first post Tuesday by the talented, sweet, and funny Danyelle Ferguson.

While you’re waiting, check out last year’s March Book Madness.

Don’t miss any posts:

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