Luminescence, by Braden Bell, Middle School Magic Series

Luminescence, by Braden Bell

My friend, Braden Bell, has a new book out, entitled Luminescence. It’s the third book in his Middle School Magic Series.

I love this series!

It’s about three middle school friends who find out they have special powers, the ability to use light to help themselves and others. They’re taught how to use these new powers by Magi, who happen to be their teachers in their middle school.


Throughout this series, I’ve grown to adore these three teens, Conner, Lexa, and Melanie. They’re all battling insecurities and weakness of their own while trying to help save the world from the Darkhands threatening to destroy it.

This third book does a fabulous job keeping you reading, wondering and anxious for the three kids as well as their beloved mentor, Dr. Timberi.

I loved the overarching theme of redemption. It’s a story of forgiveness and overcoming for the better good. Plus the humor and budding middle school romance makes me smile.

Braden headshot 2012Braden Bell’s style of writing reminds me of Rick Riordan, with the same whit and edge-of-your-seat action.

Make sure to check out this series. You and your kids will love it!

As part of his blog tour, there’s a 25$ Amazon or Paypal Giftcard Giveaway. Make sure to enter here. (Free entry for my facebook followers.)

Read my thoughts on the first two books in this series here:

Middle School Magic Series by Braden Bell

Also, Braden has been a guest on my blog here for March Book Madness. His two posts are here:


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