Deadly Alliance, a WWII Novel by A. L. Sowards

I just finished a new novel, Deadly Alliance, and my mind is still reeling.

This book was written by my friend, A. L. Sowards (Amanda). It’s a WWII novel with tons of action and heart-pounding twists.Deadly Alliance by A. L. Sowards

I feel like I learned so much about WWII, especially in this part of Europe (Yugoslavia). Amanda is so well versed on the war, strategies, weaponry, and different groups of people, I felt as if I was there.

The details were amazing. And the characters were real, unique, and well fleshed out. Rarely do I read a book with this kind of detail and research. To live inside of her head for one day…wow.

Superbly done!!!

This is the third book in a trilogy, but it can be easily read as a stand-alone. This is a great read!

Here’s the official synopsis:

When Peter Eddy and his commando team inadvertently upset the Soviets during their most recent mission, they never imagined the diplomatic nightmares that would ensue. They have one chance to redeem themselves: tasked with destroying a bridge in Nazi-occupied Bosnia, Peter and his war-weary team reluctantly agree to drop behind enemy lines. The assignment should be a simple one—were it not for the fact that they are being deployed on a suicide mission. 

Genevieve Olivier is devastated by the news of Peter’s disappearance. After all they’ve endured in this war, the determined OSS worker is unwilling to simply let go of the man she hopes to spend her life with. Desperate for information, her work as a courier soon escalates into a counterintelligence duel with a Fascist assassin—and Genevieve is his newest target . . . 

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You can get Deadly Alliance here:

You can find A. L. Sowards (Amanda) online here:

Amanda has also been a guest here on my blog for March Book Madness. She’s shared some great thoughts on writing, so make sure to check out here posts:


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