Citizens of Logan Pond Blog Tour


I’m so excited about my blog tour which is now underway. Hearing the positive response about my project that I’ve worked on now for six years has been overwhelmingly wonderful. Huge thanks to all who have or will be participating!

Each post is a little different so be sure to check them out. I’ll keep updating the links as they come in.



Swords and Stilettos Author Interview (9/19):

Kristin’s Questions for Rebecca include:

  • Is LIFE a stand alone book or part of a series?
  • What inspired you to write the series Citizens of Logan Pond?
  • Is there a message in your novel you want readers to grasp?
  • When writing a novel, do you ever experience writer’s block? If so, what do you do to overcome it?
  • If you had a book club, what would they be reading, and why?
  • If I came to your home and looked in your fridge, what would I find?
  • What is your favorite quote?
  • If given a chance, what would you like to be for a day?
  • What takes you out of your comfort zone?
  • What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? Fall? Winter? Spring?


Joy In The Moments Review and Author Interview (9/22):

Charissa’s Review: “This book had great writing, awesome characters, and a believable plot and situation. I inhaled this story. I couldn’t stop reading, wondering what would happen next. I found myself asking what I would do in the situation Carrie and Greg are in, and I hope I never have to find out in real life. Scary. I highly recommend Life. It was a book I couldn’t stop thinking about once I finished.”

Questions for Rebecca include:

  • Where did the idea for this series originate?
  • Who is your favorite character in Life?
  • When is Liberty–your 2nd book–estimated to be released? (Because I’m anxious for it)
  • What’s one non-essential item you would keep?
  • What responsibility would you have in a clan like this? Must be essential: food, clothing, or shelter related.
  • Would you have stayed in Logan Pond or moved back to a municipality?
  • Which character of yours  do you relate to most?
  • Is Logan Pond a real place; do you live close by?
  • How much do you think chocolate would be worth in this new society of bartering…or has it gone obsolete (heaven forbid!)?


Julie L. Casey, author of Teenage Survivalist series, Review and Interview (9/25): 

Julie’s Review: “I absolutely LOVED this story! Each night before going to sleep, I became so engrossed in the story that I later dreamed about being there. In the mornings, I had to think about whether what I dreamed was in the book or part of my imagination. The characters were so genuine, I almost believed they were real. If it weren’t for the horrifying situation these characters found themselves in, I think I would actually enjoy the challenge of living off-grid in a community like Logan’s Pond.

The ending of the story was so perfect, so satisfying. Even though this is the first book of a trilogy and I can’t wait to read the sequels, I didn’t feel unsettled at the end like I do in so many trilogy first books. It wasn’t exactly a happy ending, mind you, but a hopeful, satisfying one all the same.This is a must read for anyone who likes the post-apocalyptic/dystopian genre or is worried about the financial stability of our country. Highly recommended!”

Julie answered the following questions:

  • What is one non-essential item you would keep?
  • What responsibility would you have in a clan like this?
  • Would you have stayed in Logan Pond or moved back to a municipality? Why?
  • Which citizen are you?


LDS Women’s Book Review (9/24):

Mindy’s Review: 5 out of 5 stars

Wow!  What an emotional ride.  This book is excellent and you really feel for these characters.  It is truly heartbreaking what these people had to endure with the collapse of the dollar and government take over.  The expectations that are placed on Carrie, at the expense of her own happiness, was unfair at times.  Carrie is an amazing example of strength, endurance, and kindness.  She takes the heat for something huge and it made me appreciate her character even more.  She wants what is best for her family and clan, but I was glad when she started sticking up for herself.  Greg was an interesting character.  I didn’t know what to think of him at first.  He was a mystery, but later, I realized that was what I liked most about him.  His past is full of tragedy, like everyone else’s, but I respected that he was a thinker and tries to help the clan.  I really enjoyed the POV switches.  That must be so challenging to do as an author and Rebecca did it well.  You have to know your characters well and she did.

5 out of 5 stars.  I can’t wait for next book!


A.L. Sowards, author of Espionage, Sworn Enemy, and Deadly Alliance, review (9/30):

Amanda’s Review: Belliston’s dystopian world is created not by nuclear war or a killer virus. Instead, the US economy has crashed, hard. The dollar is worthless, banks have failed, and the private sector has disappeared. The book’s prologue is set as the collapse is completing it devastation and the government has run out of ideas…

I think some of Belliston’s previous books were LDS fiction. This one is clean, but there weren’t any overt religious elements. I was actually thinking this would be a good choice for book clubs. The plot moved quickly enough for readers who enjoy action, the dystopian world was full of challenges to keep the characters busy, and there was enough romance for those who enjoy the beginnings of a love story. I could see some great discussion about preparation for emergencies, maintaining good values in hard times, and finding a balance between doing what’s best for oneself and doing what’s best for others.

This is the first book in a trilogy. It wasn’t a cliffhanger ending, but I didn’t feel like there was complete closure either. The view was fairly local in the first book, but the blurb for the next book (Liberty) promises a more regional view. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Overall, I recommend this if the concept sounds like something you’d enjoy. I enjoyed it enough to nominate it for a Whitney Award.


Crafts N Fitness Review (9/30):

Rachel’s Review: This book was gripping and fantastic! It always gives me anxiety to read “end of the world” books, but the reality is that our economy or government may crash and our way of living could change, so I like to get ideas and feel more prepared after reading books like this.

“Life” is book 1 in this series and has a good ending but definitely leaves you wanting to read book 2. The characters and situations were very well written and I enjoyed the book immensely! I would consider this book to be clean (no language or sex), filled with drama, and some romance. I couldn’t put it down and I am looking forward to reading book 2!

I would highly recommend this book.


I Love To Read and Review Books Review (10/3):

Shauna’s Review: I LOVE Rebecca Belliston’s books! So well written! Fantastic story lines! This one will keep you reading and pondering the entire book!

When the stock market crashes for the second time, people begin to lose everything– including their citizenship to the United States. Living illegally in abandoned houses the people of Logan Pond rely on each other and a patrolman who is wiling to look the other way.

Life is hard, but it is better than the work camps or the prisons where everyone else has gone. Then Greg Pierce and his mom show up. Greg has grand ideas to help the citizens of Logan Pond.

  1. Everyone move to one street.
  2. Block the entrance.
  3. Build wells.
  4. Find a doctor to join the clan.
  5. Give the patrolman what he really wants to insure he will never turn on them…the girl named Carrie.

Carrie Ashworth has done a lot for the clan and her surviving siblings. She finds Greg both interesting and frustrating all at the same time. She is willing to help save her clan…

But to what extent?


Katie’s Clean Book Collection Review (10/3):

Katie’s Review: I was very impressed with this book! What a great start to a fantastic new dystopian series! What really makes this story unique is the way the world changed–it was all from a couple of economic crashes that left the country in shambles.

I loved the characters–they were really brought to life. There was one family that I absolutely detested! I was ready to show them the door right off the bat–they’re very selfish, rude, and stubborn. A clan like this takes everyone working together to succeed and this family sure didn’t do much to contribute. I loved watching Carrie’s eyes open up to the world (and people) around her. She’s the most selfless person ever. I also enjoyed watching Greg soften up. Oliver is such a nice, gentle man. How can Carrie decide? I honestly can’t wait to continue on with the story to see what happens next.


  • Language–maybe one mild expletive
  • Violence–some mild-moderate fighting, blood, death, nothing graphic at all
  • Romance–mild, sweet romance
  • Clean!

Katie answered the following questions:

  1. What is one non-essential item you would keep?
  2. What responsibility would you have in a clan like this?
  3. Would you have stayed in Logan Pond or moved back to a municipality? Why?
  4. Which citizen are you?


Mountain Lyon Notes Review and Interview (10/6):

JoLynne: It was a delight to read this book. Its premise is dystopian, but there was a lot to love about the society of Logan Pond. It revolved around decent, kind people.

Belliston’s writing plays with some thought-provoking themes. What happens if all the trappings of society go away–because the dollar crashed? What if all you have to recommend you is your personality, skill and whatever looks you can salvage without makeup and a hairdryer?

Against that backdrop, Carrie subsists in a community that relies on her but doesn’t give her much credit. And while Greg enters the little group with matchmaking plans for Carrie and Oliver, he also helps her understand that she can refuse to be bullied. When Carrie decides to stand up for herself, she discovers that her actions, justified as they are, still have consequences. Because that’s Life.

I related to all three characters in this story’s love triangle—Carrie, who wants others to be happy; Oliver, who craves her company but hates walking through a crowd of slightly contemptuous people to get it; and Greg, whose fierce loyalty has been covered over with a thick layer of cynicism. I’m hoping to see more of them in the coming novels, and, since I always like the underdog, I’m really hoping to know more of Oliver’s story in the next installment.

Full disclosure: Rebecca and I have never met in person that I know of, but we became blogging buddies years ago and I have grown to love her voice. It shines in both her books and her communications with others.

Questions for Rebecca and J.J.:

  1. If society collapsed, what would you miss the most?
  2. What is your best survival skill?
  3. Why did you choose Logan Pond as your setting?
  4. How do you fit writing into your day?
  5. What is your favorite chocolate?


Braden Bell, author of Middle School Magic series, Review and Interview (10/6):

Braden’s Review: I’ve been reading a compelling new book by my friend, Rebecca Belliston. The series is called The Citizens of Logan Pond, and Book 1 is titled, Life. Books 2 and 3 will be titled:Liberty and Pursuit, respectively.

This series is set in a dystopian America in the very near future. In my mind, that is what makes it so chilling. The plausible nature of the calamity that leads to the dystopia, and the familiar setting give the story an extra poignancy.

I’ll let Rebecca explain what the impetus was that got her started with this story: “Six years ago, I got stuck on a single question: ‘What if the end of civilization as we know it doesn’t come from some huge war or catastrophe? What if it comes from the absence of one small thing: the dollar?’ This question wouldn’t leave me alone and has grown into this series.”

Taking that question as a starting point, Rebecca has created a haunting story and setting that also allows her to explore the more human dimensions of such a disaster: “I also wanted to explore what kinds of things would survive if everything else is taken away: namely family, friendships, and love.”

And explore these she does. Life works very well as a young adult adventure-romance. But it also  has additional layers built in as the characters work through situations that allow the reader to think about some of these issues.

Rebecca did a wonderful job of building an ominous tone of suspense. Even when good things were happening, I couldn’t relax because I knew the bad guys were off-camera, plotting and getting ready to do something, well, bad. This made it so I could never quite relax–which is exactly the situation in which the Citizens of Logan Pond find themselves.

Rebecca was able to create romantic tension without throwing in sex scenes, and she was able to create menace and tension, and show an ugly world without explicit violence. There were some moments that were very heartrending, though, and the lack of sex and violence did not reduce the emotional impact of the book.

As I said, the book is the first in a series. One other thing I appreciated is that Rebecca managed to end the book in a way that left some questions and issues to be resolved in the next book, but she also resolved the narrative arc in a way that doesn’t leave the reader hanging.


Literary Time Out Review and Author Interview (10/7):

Andrea’s Review: Wow! If you like dystopian novels, you should definitely check out Life. It is very well written, and I was pulled into the story right away. I really enjoyed the characters. Carrie is amazing in so many ways. She’s mother to her orphaned siblings, and she does so much for her clan. She’s quite selfless, and I really felt for her when some of the other clan members didn’t seem to appreciate all she constantly did for everyone. I was drawn to her for her goodness, and her flaws.

The interaction between Carrie and Greg was very enjoyable. There were times when I wanted to punch Greg, but when you saw through the walls he’d built up, he could be quite likable. I loved the roller coaster of emotions throughout the story, and the way the situation made me think about our country, and our future.

One bonus of this book is the ending. Enough was resolved that I didn’t feel ripped off that the next book isn’t out yet. I definitely want to read the next book in the series, but I was content with the ending, and I will wait as patiently as possible for the next book.

Questions for Rebecca:

  •  When is the next book coming out?
  • What inspired you to write Citizen of Logan Pond?
  • Who is your favorite character in your books, and why?
  • What are your hopes/goals as an author, and what other projects do you have in mind?
  • Do you have any unusual habits while you write?
  • What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
  • What is your favorite book, and why?

Do you like having books you enjoy made into movies? What is the best/worst adaptation you’ve seen?

If money were no object, where would you like to go, and what would you like to do while you are there?










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  1. Beck,

    Read the interview. Very nice. When it comes to promoting your books in this brave new world of the Internet, you’re amazing. Good thing I got established before all this hit. I would be in deep trouble. Sent the last of the galley proofs in on Wednesday. They’ve supposedly given “A Generation Rising” to the press last Thursday, and “Only the Brave” goes this week.

    Love ya,



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