Lupus Chick Interview

Some of you know that I struggle with some random health issues.

I feel great right now (which is wonderful), but other times, not so much. My issues fit somewhere on the Lupus spectrum of issues, so I was recently interviewed over on the Lupus Chick blog.

You can check out the interview here:!Spotlight-on-Lupus-Rebecca-Bellistons-Story/c16ee/5592e3b60cf2585ebcda4d07


They asked me for one bit of advice for those who suffer with chronic illnesses like Lupus. I said that I would like people to know that they are not alone in their struggle. If they have not found the right help or support yet, keep looking because it is out there.

I would also like them to know that they can take some control of their disease–as small as it might be–just by taking extra good care of their bodies.

  • Get extra sleep
  • Eat extra fruits and veggies
  • Exercise as much as is healthy (or you’re able)

For me, even having that much control was empowering in a disease that seems random and unpredictable.

Most of all, keep your chin up and take care of yourself!!!!!



Do you have a chronic illness? How do you manage it?

6 thoughts on “Lupus Chick Interview

  1. I have learned that you need to be your own patient advocate and do not wait until you are in crisis mode to seek medical attention. Be proactive to be preventative. I had an injury two years ago that finally resolved a bigger health issue I was dealing with – it was nice to have the mystery solved and then to put together a game plan to learn to live with it for the rest of my life. You are the one that lives in your body and you know what feels right and not. Keep seeking if you are not getting the answers. Great Post – Great Reminder! Happy Weekend – Enjoy :)

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    1. I agree!!! I’ve found that I’ve had to become my own advocate, and that’s hard for me to do because with my laid back, let-people-walk-all-over-me personality. I’ve had to learn to speak up and keep prodding until I get the right answers or doctors who can help. Thanks for your thoughts! Good luck with your health issues. Happy weekend to you as well!


  2. You are an inspiration to me with your positive attitude. I don’t deal with a chronic issue, but cheer you on for dealing with yours. I have friends and family that deal with such, and I’m so impressed with how those in lots of pain can lift others. The two people who have touched me more than anyone else have been my grandma who suffered migraines for about 45 years and a woman I visit taught who had MS for 30 years. They really couldn’t get out and serve (so to say), but they served with their smile and inspiring words that lifted me whenever I visited them. It isn’t necessarily what we do, I’ve decided, but how we love others. That love can be felt even if a person can’t move their own body by themselves.


    1. Thanks. My issues are mild in comparison! My father-in-law has MS and it is a struggle he keeps to himself as he quietly goes on living a life of service. People like that amaze me, too. With all things in life, I guess, it’s easy to let roadblocks stop us, but most of the time, stopping is a choice that only hurts us further. Anytime we can push through, we get stronger–and happier. Thanks for your thoughts, Char. Hope you’re having a lovely summer!

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      1. My hat is off to your father-in-law. That is a tough disease to endure. Glad you’re doing good right now and hope the rest of your summer is good as well. Mine just got a lot happier last night when my missionary daughter came home. She’s kind of culture shocked today and thinks we American eat so unhealthy and thinks I am awful rude because I walked into my house with my shoes on (on the wood, no less) and also put food in the garbage with other things. So I must learn to be more Korean-y.


        1. Thanks. Haha about your daughter and the re-adjustment to home life. Americans definitely eat so unhealthy. Hopefully she’ll do some cooking for you! My son has been gone almost a year, and I can only imagine him coming home. Fun stuff! Enjoy! :)

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