Okay. What’s the deal with Pinterest? I’m seeing it everywhere and I don’t get it. Why does everyone love it? I’m not being adversarial, I’m truly curious. 

I’ve been on it once or twice and I guess I haven’t caught the vision. What am I missing here? Is it because I’m clueless? Not crafty enough? Not intelligent enough? What? Or are there others out there like me who are Un-Pinterested?

(Wow, I’ve set myself up for some snarky comments. Please be kind. I just want to know why you love Pinterest.)

Polling: How many books do you read?


FYI, there is a great writing campaign happening in the next few weeks put together by Rachael Harrie. Here is her explanation: the Campaign is a way to link those of us in the writing community together with the aim of helping to build our online platforms. The Campaigners are all bloggers in a similar position, who genuinely want to pay it forward, make connections and friends within the writing community, and help build each others’ online platforms while at the same time building theirs. If you’re interested, check it out over here.

So if you haven’t noticed before, this week is a week of polling for me. I’m a curious kind of gal and like asking questions and as such, I thought I’d ask all of you some questions on writing, reading, and life. If you missed the first day on social networking, check it out here. If you missed the second day on writing and reading, check it out here. And don’t just check it out but take a second (or five) to vote. That would be awesome. So here’s day number three.