Poll about Devices

Hey guys, I’m conducting another completely unscientific poll as part of the class I’m teaching this weekend.

Thanks for playing along!

(If you wouldn’t mind sharing this poll, I’d love to get a lot of input. Thanks!)




More polls today: reading and writing


A few more polls today. If you missed the ones yesterday and want to weigh in, you can check them out here. The first two polls today are for writers, the last one is for readers. Feel free to weigh in. I love hearing what people think.




In case you’re curious, I’ll tell you my answers. Poll #1 for me would be the first answer. The story of Sadie was stuck in my head for about a year. I never in my entire life had any plans to write a novel, but I just couldn’t get this story out of my head. I figured if I wrote it down it would then cure me of the obsessive daydreaming. :) Nope. It just turned me into a writing addict. I love it now. 

My answer to the second poll would be Romance. I love writing Romances–clean romances. I have to clarify since some of my husband’s friends were giving him a bad time, wondering if Sadie had a picture of a shirtless man on front. NO! (note picture of Sadie to the left.) 

My answer on the third one would be that I read pretty much anything, as long as it has a decent romance in it. :) 

I have one more day of polling to conduct tomorrow for my entirely unscientific research. Any burning questions you want answered?

A week of Polls: Social Networking and Writing


an explanation written for my level of understanding

As a new author, I’ve been doing a lot of research–A LOT–on what works for authors, what doesn’t, where readers go for information, and how to get information out there. I think sometime last week I got lost in the Social Media Black Hole. There are so many opinions and everyone seems to have the one ‘right way’.   

Since I’m on serious information overload, and since I happen to know that many of you have spent more time on this, I thought I’d do some polling this week. No, not on the GOP contest. I’m not in the mood for political infighting–at least, not today. ;) These polls are more writing/marketing based. I’ll call it my own little independent survey. I hope you like taking surveys because the more people who answer, the more accurate the results will be, which would be fantabulous. You ready? It will only take a second (maybe five) to answer. 

Here they are:




Tomorrow I’ll have a few more questions. Thanks for playing along!!!

(I think I fixed the links–I hope)