A week of Polls: Social Networking and Writing


an explanation written for my level of understanding

As a new author, I’ve been doing a lot of research–A LOT–on what works for authors, what doesn’t, where readers go for information, and how to get information out there. I think sometime last week I got lost in the Social Media Black Hole. There are so many opinions and everyone seems to have the one ‘right way’.   

Since I’m on serious information overload, and since I happen to know that many of you have spent more time on this, I thought I’d do some polling this week. No, not on the GOP contest. I’m not in the mood for political infighting–at least, not today. ;) These polls are more writing/marketing based. I’ll call it my own little independent survey. I hope you like taking surveys because the more people who answer, the more accurate the results will be, which would be fantabulous. You ready? It will only take a second (maybe five) to answer. 

Here they are:




Tomorrow I’ll have a few more questions. Thanks for playing along!!!

(I think I fixed the links–I hope)