In Search of Perfection

I would have never guessed this about myself: I’m a closet perfectionist.

At least I’m that way with things I create. Dishes, laundry, my hair and such I have no problem living below the mark. But with writing, composing, my website, plants in my yard, or scrapbooking I tweak a little here, move something over there, sit back, lean in close, let it simmer, then tweak some more. Either I need to learn how to leave well enough alone or learn how to create a better first, second, third, or fourth draft. (Yes, sadly, I have gone far beyond the fourth draft to get a final version of Sadie I am happy with.) For now, I’m telling myself, “The website is ‘good enough. The scrapbook pages are good enough. The poor forsythia bush wants you to leave it be. It’s all good enough. There are dishes to be done.”

The drive to perfection may actually be on the road to insanity.

(Oh, and if you notice any mistakes, let me know.)


To Blog or not to Blog…

If I were to write a blog, what would it say?
That has been the question on my mind for about a year (possibly longer), because quite frankly, writing a blog seems incredibly daunting to me. Fiction or romance? Sure. Future or past? No problem. But present? Real? Me…write a blog? Alas, here I am. I have caved to the all-authors-should-write-a-blog peer pressure.
If you ask me, I think authors love to blog because we love words. We hoard them actually. It’s a good thing there isn’t a quota on words a person may use—or worse, a world word shortage—because I’m convinced author blogs would be the first thing to go. Of course if we lived in that kind of world, who knows what kind of sanctions husbands would put on their wives. They’d be counting every word, waiting/praying for their wife to reach her quota. But wives who are authors? My poor husband. Authors use enough words as it is.
For example, my new novel Sadie, which is due to be published in November (yay!!!) has 99,849 words. And that’s after I cut it significantly—painfully. And yet blogging allows authors to use precious words without any official publishing process (e.g. editing, cutting, year-long polishing, and more cutting). It’s easy, quick, and painless. I can see myself becoming an addict quite easily.
So a little about my novel.

Sadie is set in the beautiful mountains of Montana, where skiers and snowboarders tackle fresh powder. When a misunderstanding with Sadie’s boyfriend turns brutal, she makes the rash decision to leave everything and everyone behind. She’s thrown into a group of friends—four guys—vacationing on the slopes. They’re nothing like the diamonds and dinner parties she left behind, nothing like other guys she’s known, but everything she needs. Yet just when her heart settles, she finds herself abandoned by the one who swore to protect her for a religion she doesn’t understand.
There are people who love to ski in this book. That’s not Sadie. There are people who love dogs in this book—not Sadie either. There’s some romance, some music, some Spanish, some marshmallow roasting, a ghastly green snow suit, and hopefully some laughs.  
Thanks for stopping by. I will be posting more about me and my new novel as we near the release date. And as always, you can visit my website for more info.