March Book Madness Is Going To Be Awesome!!!

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I’m soooo excited for MARCH BOOK MADNESS! Some amazingly talented people have agreed to share their thoughts with us, and I know I’m going to learn a ton!

MARCH BOOK MADNESS starts Tuesday, March 5 with Charissa Stastny, discussing how to weed out those pesky words.

See you then!!!


PS) Here’s a picture of a cake we got yesterday. Yes, that’s a cake. Amazing, right?



It’s That Time Of Year Again: March Book Madness!

Do you guys remember this picture????

March Book Madness 230

That’s because it’s that time of year again!

The regular season of basketball is finishing up, and the Belliston household is starting to make predictions. MARCH MADNESS is a riot in our household. It has been ever since my eldest was born a total basketball nut.


More March Book Madness

Even our youngest is required — yes, required — to fill out a bracket. The winner of the brackets chooses where we go for ice cream at the end of the season.

My daughter and I usually win every year to the chagrin of all my basketball boys.



Last year on the blog, I did a MARCH BOOK MADNESS where I had several guest posters talk about anything book-ish. It was so much fun and such a success, I’d love to do it again.

Which means…

I need guest posters!

The rules for posting in this MARCH BOOK MADNESS are:

  1. You must love books.
  2. Like all good games, keep it clean. No fouls (language, topic, or otherwise)
  3. You must really, really love books.


Last year I had mostly authors on the blog, but this year is open to anyone who wants to talk about books.


Sample topics are:

  • Writing: Where to find inspiration
  • Writing: Genres, Plotting, or Creating strong characters
  • Editing: Tips to get from first draft to final draft without tears
  • Editing: How to write succinctly
  • Reading: Reading books with an author’s eye (what to look for)
  • Reading: Best places to find your next favorite novel
  • Reading: What makes a great book
  • Social Media: Using social media to enhance your readership
  • Querying: How to get an agent while keeping your sanity
  • Any other book topic you’d like

Posts will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’ll schedule them around you to make it convenient.


If you want to be a part of this March Book Madness, please email me, and we’ll set something up. It’s a great way for us to meet you, and you to meet us. Plus, as I learned early on as an author, there’s so much to learn about books, and so many amazing people willing to share. Let’s learn together.

Yes! I’m very excited!

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To get you excited, here are LAST YEAR’S POSTS. They’re awesome.

         Lynn Wiese Sneyd: March 8, Querying 
          Tobi Summers: March 13, Plotting vs. Plodding
          JoLynne Lyon: March 15, Marketing
          Cassie Mae: March 20, Editing
          Jessica Khoury: March 22, Editing
          Tricia Pease: March 27th, Reading
          Sharon Belknap: March 29Reading

So shoot me an email to set up your post. Let me know what topic and which date you want, so we can set it up.

You guys are awesome!