MBM: The Importance of Writing Book Reviews by Charissa Stastny

March Book Madness by Rebecca Belliston

HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY (notice the green apple?) and welcome to the fifth day of March BOOK Madness. (For a complete schedule and explanation, see below this post. If you’ve missed any days, make sure to catch up! It’s been awesome!)

Today my friend, Charissa Stastny, is here discussing the importance of writing book reviews. Charissa and I have been online writing friends for a few years. She is a sweetheart, a successful blogger, and the talented author of three novels. Check out her info/books below. I’ve followed Charissa’s book reviews for some time now, and have found new favorite authors based on her suggestions, so I really appreciate her sharing this topic with us today.

Here she is.

Importance of Book Reviews by Charissa Stastny


The Importance of Reviews by Charissa Stastny

Have you ever thought about purchasing a book, yet you’re not quite sure whether the story will be a right fit for you or not? What do you do?

I go straight to reviews on Amazon or Goodreads and start skimming. After reading some good ones, a few bad ones, and some middle-of-the-line reviews, I get a fair idea of whether I want to buy the book. Books with few reviews make people wonder what’s wrong with it. There might be nothing wrong with the novel; it could be brand new or it might not be marketed well enough by the author or publisher to get into the hands of the right readership. But when consumers see few reviews, a red flag goes up in their mind. Without reviews to judge by, it’s hard to get a glimpse of whether a book is good or not.

That’s why EVERY review is important, whether it’s short or long, super funny or very basic.

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Oh, How I Love Reviews!

I’ve been sick and feeling kinda bleh for the past little bit. Ugh. But there have been a few things which have cheered me up! :)

Augustina received 2 reviews that totally made my day. As part of one review, I shared 10 fun things about me. Plus, there’s another giveaway for Augustina! 

Shauna over at ilovetoreadandreviewbooks.blogspot.com said this about Augustina:

Only Rebecca Belliston can start off a story with the main character’s funeral and turn it into a happy ending. You will keep turning the pages of this book long into the night anxious to find out what happens next! LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. IT! Didn’t want it to end! (more here)

And Charissa Stastny from joyinthemoments.wordpress.com said this:

This sequel to Sadie is intense. Belliston did a good job taking the reader on a very emotional journey of guilt, grief, fear, want, rage, and ultimately redemption. Sadie’s a sweet character who’s been dragged through a lot of muck in both books, but she becomes strong…and it has been a wonderful journey with her. I couldn’t put the book down near the end–it got so tense and scary. Bravo!  (more here)

And then my friend Braden Bell over at bradenbell.com gave Augustina a nice shout-out here. I feel blessed to have such support for this project I love so dearly.

  • Win an autographed copy of Augustina here. The giveaway is only open until August 27, so don’t wait
  • Read 10 fun random things about me here
  • Buy Augustina here
  • Read the first two chapters here

Love you guys!