MBM: Writing vs. Family: How to Choose Which to Focus On by Chantele Sedgwick

Welcome to the twelfth day of MARCH BOOK MADNESS! (Full explanation and schedule here.) 

Today, my friend Chantele Sedgwick is here talking about writing vs. family time. Chantele and I met a few years back because we shared a publisher. Now she and I serve together on the LDStorymakers Board of Directors. If you’ve heard of the amazing writers’ Storymakers Conference in Utah, well, she’s the co-chair this year and next, and she’s doing a fabulous job! (I’d tell you to register for this conference, but it’s already sold out. Go next year!) Chantele is the author of several fun YA/MG romances, so make sure to check them below her bio.

Here she is:

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Citizens of Logan Pond Blog Tour


I’m so excited about my blog tour which is now underway. Hearing the positive response about my project that I’ve worked on now for six years has been overwhelmingly wonderful. Huge thanks to all who have or will be participating!

Each post is a little different so be sure to check them out. I’ll keep updating the links as they come in.


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