MBM: The Art of Accepting Criticism, by Mary Bateman-Mercado

Welcome to the sixth day of MARCH BOOK MADNESS!

Today, Mary Bateman-Mercado is here talking about the Art of Accepting Criticism. I’ve known Mary for almost ten years. Like me, she has five kids; three boys and two girls. But unlike me, she seems to have her act together. :)

I’m constantly amazed by Mary’s abilities and talents. (Make sure to read her bio, although there’s a lot not included, like awards and cool people she’s met over her years in journalism — hello, Oprah!) But the best part is that she’s also a gracious, loving person, who’s more than willing to share her knowledge with us. Yay!

  • (Even as I type this, she’s working with a group of young women, including my daughter. She’s so awesome.)

The topic Mary chose is one most of us struggle with — me especially — so I’m thrilled she picked it. Here she is:.


Mary Bateman-Mercado, Channel 7, ABC Detroit
Mary Bateman-Mercado, Channel 7, ABC Detroit


The Art of Accepting Criticism (Without Letting it Destroy Your Enthusiasm), by Mary Bateman-Mercado


What’s the Meanest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said to You?

I heard an interesting discussion on the radio the other day. A question was posed, “What’s the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?” It was the premise of the talk show host and guest that criticism, even the vile, hurtful type of criticism can work to make you stronger and can actually work to empower you, if you embrace it.

Embrace it? Hmm?

It got me thinking especially in regard to my career as a writer.

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