MBM: 6 Tips to Avoid Author Burnout by Danyelle Ferguson

Welcome to the seventh day of MARCH BOOK MADNESS! (Full explanation and schedule here.)

Today my friend Danyelle Ferguson is here. Danyelle is one of the busiest people I know, yet able to juggle an amazing amount of projects and do them all well. She and I have worked together on the Midwest Storymakers Conference for several years, and she’s great, fun, and sweet. Make sure to check out her books below her bio. She writes sweet romances and a non-fiction book about disabilities and the gospel.

Today Danyelle’s giving us some tips to avoid author burnout which couldn’t have come at a better time for me! So here she is:

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MBM: Unique Tips to Set Up a Successful Blog Tour by Danyelle Ferguson

March Book Madness hosted by Rebecca Belliston

Welcome to the third day of March Book Madness! (For a complete schedule and explanation, see below this post.)

Today I have my author friend, Danyelle Ferguson, here as a guest presenter. Not only is she an amazingly talented author and blogger, but I’ve been able to work with Danyelle on the Storymakers Midwest Conference committee. She puts a lot of time and loving into the writing community, and I’m excited she took some time out of her schedule to visit with us today about some fun tips for blog tours.

So here she is.

Unique Tips to Set Up Blog Tour by Danyelle Ferguson

Unique Tips to Set Up Successful Blog Tours – by Danyelle Ferguson

Most authors – no matter if they are traditionally or self published – set up their own blog tours. Some authors band together with peers who write in the same genre, then do a big blog tour or contest together (like the Massive Romance Reader Squee Moment Ahead contest). Other authors send a “Call to Review” on their blogs, social media or newsletters.

But what if you want to hit a broader market? Or to target certain niche readers? A great blog tour has reviewers with both small (100+) and big (1000+) follower counts, reviewers who have relationships with the author & those who don’t know the author, as well as covers a variety of geographical locations.

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MBM: Our Connection to Book Covers and the Characters Within, by Danyelle Ferguson

March Book Madness

Welcome to the first day of March Book Madness 2014!

If you’re wondering, March Book Madness has nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with books. My hubby and kids are huge sports nuts, so we do the whole March Madness basketball bracket thing every year. But. I’m a huge book nut, so this is my third year celebrating National Reading Month with March Book Madness.

This year we have 12 guest authors who will discuss everything book-ish on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in March. (Schedule at the bottom of this post.)

I’m super excited to kick it off with my sweet, talented friend, Danyelle Ferguson, talking about book covers and the characters within. So I’ll let her take over.

MBM: Our Connections to Book Covers, by Danyelle Ferguson

Danyelle Ferguson:

It happens to every one of us — readers and authors alike. We see a book cover, check out the character images on the front and decide if it’s worthy of picking up for a closer look or if it will be passed up.

But what makes us pick it up?

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