New Music in an Old Way


FYI, I added some ‘new’ music to my website today. Not ‘new’ as in written, but ‘new’ as in I finally added them to my website. However, the music needs a little explanation.

I have always loved music. Not just liked, but LOVED music. I write to music, I clean to music, and at any given moment, I have a song stuck in my head. In fact, it’s a game in my family to ask, “What song’s stuck in your head now?”

I also love all types of music–yes, even country. I know I’m a total nerd but I really love classical music, specifically classical piano. My dad got me hooked on it when I was younger. Since I love to play the piano as well, this was just an added bonus.

I like finding a challenging piece and then pretending that I can play it. It’s tons of fun. My favorite composers have varied through the years. In my high school days I liked Chopin and Debussy. After that I had a long obsession with Rachmaninoff (which is why he made it into Sadie). Recently though, it’s been all about Beethoven. I love Beethoven’s Piano Concertos and his 32 Piano Sonatas. I even bought the music and have attempted to play them the last few years. They’re hard but so. much. fun!

Since I also love to compose music, I started composing songs in the Classical Piano style. I don’t know if anyone does that anymore because, wouldn’t it make sense for a composer living in the 21st century to write 21st century music? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, the four songs I’ve added to the MUSIC page listed above are songs inspired by the classics.

The first is my pride and joy (so nobody trash talk it). It’s Sonata in A minor and yes, it has three movements. That’s because it was inspired by–you guessed it–Beethoven.

The second is Fugue in C minor inspired by Bach.

The third is Etude in Eb minor inspired kinda sorta by Rachmaninoff. Kinda. Sorta. (sorry about the horrible English. I’m still dragging from two nights ago. See previous post.)

And the last (for now) is Prelude in G major which was written when I was in high school and I guess if I had to pick, would probably fit the Bach category again.

If you happen to enjoy classical piano, give them a try. They are all FREE, my gift to anyone brave enough to give them a shot. As are most of the other songs already on there (some piano arrangements of LDS hymns and a few Christmas choral songs). The only non-free song is a song published with Jackman Music, entitled For There’s a Savior Born. 

(I know it’s weird for me to put music up on the same website I have my book stuff, but hey, I’m weird. Plus, I promised a few people–including my mom and my hubby–that I wouldn’t let my music go by the wayside when I pursued this writing thing. I haven’t really composed much lately, so this is me pushing aside some guilt.)

Enjoy the rest of your day! I’m headed to bed!

PS — Any other Classical Music nerds out there? Or pianists? Which composers do you like? Which songs?