New: Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning Piano Solo

Couple updates:

1) Yesterday I finished a new PIANO SOLO arrangement of “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” (aka “Oh, How Lovely Was The Morning”). As always, I wanted to share it with all of you before it goes on sale in a couple of weeks.

You can find it here.

Joseph Smith's First Prayer Piano Solo

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Cyber Monday Take 2: Autographed SADIE & AUGUSTINA

It’s Cyber Monday! What, you say? That was last week. Well, I decided Cyber Monday should be every Monday in December.

For today’s Cyber Monday deal, you can buy an autographed copy of SADIE or AUGUSTINA, and I’ll ship it to you for $9.99 (includes shipping). If you want both books it’s $18.99. US only.

Details on my website here (

Just make sure to write who the books should be autographed to (on the payment page) or else drop me a note. I have about 10 copies of SADIE left and a few less of AUGUSTINA. So…well…don’t wait. As soon as they’re gone, they’re gone.

Love you guys!!!

Happy shopping.

Get Autographed Copy of SADIE or AUGUSTINA

Want an autographed copy of SADIE or AUGUSTINA?

Just in time for Christmas, I thought I’d try something new. Since I can’t always do book signings where my readers live, I’m offering autographed books through my website.

Just scroll down below the book covers, and you’ll see the option to “BUY AUTOGRAPHED COPY.”

Get Autographed Copy for Christmas

You can get a copy of AUGUSTINA, SADIE, or BOTH (for a lower price). The price includes S/H.

If you want to give SADIE or AUGUSTINA to someone for Christmas (even if that someone is yourself), buy it through my website, and I’ll sign it, personalize it, and ship it right to you. Just make sure to write in who you want the BOOK AUTOGRAPHED TO under the Payment Method section.

And as always, if you already have a book, I’d be happy to sign that as well.


New Song: “Still Be My Vision”

I finally finished up the song that goes with AUGUSTINA! Better late than never, right?

This is a VOCAL DUET (Alto/Tenor), and it’s a medley of the two hymns Josh and Sadie love:

  • Be Thou My Vision
  • I Stand All Amazed

It’s also available for FREE for SATB, SSA, and SA Vocal Duet here. Feel free to share!

Still Be My Vision, Vocal Duet (Alto/Tenor), by Rebecca Belliston

If you’ve read Sadie or Augustina, you know both are filled with my love of music, both religious and classical. This song is a realization of a dream I’ve had since I started writing novels. Since the beginning, I wanted to combine my two passions: writing books and writing music. While I wrote some lyrics for a song in Sadie, and while Sadie plays another song for Josh that I’ve yet to finish, this song is the first time the two sides of REBECCA BELLISTON became one.

So. Much. Fun. 

Check out all the AUGUSTINA extra fun stuff here.




LDS Authors Giveaway Hop


I’m participating in the LDS Authors Giveaway Hop hosted by I Am A Reader, Not a Writer & American Night Writers Association.

I’m giving away an autographed, personalized copy of SADIE or AUGUSTINA (US only) They’re both LDS romantic suspense novels written by yours truly. You can get extra chances to win by sharing about the giveaway or following my facebook/twitter/blog, etc. 

The giveaway ends on my birthday, October 15th. How cool is that?! My readers give me so much, I love giving back to them/you. So this is perfect!



Sadie Dawson thinks she has the perfect life until accusations and misunderstandings throw her life into turmoil. Fleeing her boyfriend’s wrath in a blinding Montana snowstorm, she is rescued by four friends on their annual ski vacation. While she knows there is more to a perfect life than diamonds and dinner parties, she must discover who has her best interests at heart and who she can trust . . . before it’s too late. (more)


Against the odds, Sarah Augustina Dawson survived the wrath of Guillermo. But not without a price. Forced to leave her beloved Montana behind, she and Josh are on the run. Within the warmth of the South, she’s determined to find peace and conquer her past, even if only in her mind. But Guillermo can’t let go. He’s still orchestrating, hunting, and devising ways to exact his own kind of justice. When the law swings in his favor, he’s ready to end the feud that started the moment Josh walked into Sadie’s life.(more)

Once you enter, make sure to jump from link to link (see bottom of this post) to win tons of other books. There are 53 links down there. That’s a lot of chances to win!

BUT FIRST…I want to put in a quick plug for the Whitney Awards. I’m the secretary of LDStorymakers, and we’re trying to get the word out about the Whitneys. The Whitney Awards recognize the best novels written by LDS authors in a certain year. Awards are given in the following categories: Best Novel, Best Youth Novel, Best Novel by New Author, General Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance, Mystery/Suspense, Speculative, YA General, YA Speculative, Middle Grade. They are completely dependent on reader nominations. See the winners from last year here. Several were written by NYT Bestselling authors. So, if you win a novel and love it, or if you’ve already read and loved another novel written by an LDS author (published this year), please nominate it for a Whitney Award here. You can nominate as many books as you’d like.

Alright. Are you ready?  :)

Good luck!!!

Each of these blogs is hosting a giveaway as part of this hop:

Just in time for AUGUSTINA, SADIE is on sale!

Just in time for Augustina, Sadie is on sale.Sadie

It’ 75% off for a limited time! That’s $4.99 at Deseret Book right now.


Early Christmas shopping anyone? If you can get the book to me, I’ll sign it.

(And in case you didn’t see or hear the shouts of joy from Michigan, Augustina is now available on Amazon:

Fun, fun, fun!


Countdown to Augustina: Taking a Poll

As I work on Augustina, specifically on the formatting, it got me wondering which formats people read Sadie in.

And then in the last few weeks, people have mentioned that they’ve reread Sadie  in anticipation of Augustina (so cool!!!), which made me wonder how many times you’ve read Sadie

And then I wondered who was your favorite character.


If you read Sadie, answer the three questions below:

Awesome. Thanks!

If you haven’t read Sadie, now’s your chance. It’s 50% off here.


Countdown to Augustina: